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Diverse Websites

Diverse Software-News in Kürze (Update)
DCR 8520 Ports:
30 Mar 2003 - WCGI v1.0
It is a simple, but powerful, database search engine, designed as CGI to run from a HTTPd (tested on Apache). The features are: Very configurable.., Search took result, Flood protection, Max. # of results, etc. - Download: wcgi-1.0.lha
30 Mar 2003 - Help wanted!
Hi folks, I have compiled a nice unix program using the MiamiDX librarys functions, but something doesn't work properly. Please, if you have used these libs (mainly pcap) help me to finish it!. This will be a great program for the community! :-)

Amigan Software:
Spiel: Worm Wars 7.4 - Download: WormWars.lha
Tool: Report+ 5.66a - Download: ReportPlus.lha
Spiel: Saga 1.24a - Downlaod: Saga.lha

Stephan Rupprecht
Tool: reaction.lib replacement - reactionlib.lha

TTE Manager has been upgraded to version 1.1a with some locale translations:
Polish locale by me (Grzegorz Kraszewski)
French locale by Jerome Chesnot
Hungarian locale by Márton Dósa
German locale by Dieter Beck
Download: tte_manager-1.1a.lha

AmiDog's Movie Player:
030331: A new beta has been released. Read the included BETA.txt before using it!
Download: AMP2-BETA-030331.lha

Spiel: dynAMIte Version 2.3 mit vielen Bugfixes erschienen
dynAMIte_update.lha (nur das Update)
dynAMIte.lha (das komplette Archiv)

File: DOpus417pre20.lzx
Uploaded by: jrzeuski
Description: 4.17pre20 beta release
Download: DOpus417pre20.lzx

OnyxSoft - Daniel Westerberg:
Added a new version of 8SVXtoXXX (Version 1.31) - 8svxtoxxx.lha
Added a new version of DeStart (Version 2.0) - destart.lha
Added a new version of EasyHex (Version 1.01) - easyhex.lha

Uploaded the 0.20 full release - Download: powerd.lzx


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