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Amiga Inc.

Amiga Inc.: Bill McEwen kommt nicht zur AmiWest 2003
In einer Meldung auf der Website von Amiga Inc. hat Bill McEwen kurz notiert, dass er leider nicht zur AmiWest 2003, die am 26. und 27. Juli 2003 in Sacramento (USA) stattfinden wird, kommen kann. Lesen Sie im Anschluss die komplette Nachricht:

AmigaWest Update - July 19, 2003
Welcome to AmiWest 2003! This is another opportunity for the the Amiga community and the rest of the world to see AmigaOS 4.0 demonstrated for the first time. That is correct, Amiga Operating System Version 4.0, along with the AmigaOne hardware, is a giant step forward for Amiga users.

I look forward to hearing or reading your thoughts and opinions on these products. We are very pleased with the progress and believe that you will like the demonstration at AmiWest and further enjoy the AmigaOS 4 experience once the product is released.

Regrettably, my plans have changed and I will not be attending AmiWest this year. I have informed the organizers of AmiWest and they were very understanding. However, in my absence, Amiga will be well-represented at the event.

I hope that you all enjoy AmiWest. I will miss being there, as AmiWest holds a very special place in my heart in regard to my affiliation with Amiga and the community. I wish you all a very enjoyable time in Sacramento.

God Bless,
Bill McEwen President/CEO Amiga, Inc.

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