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Brad Webb (E-Mail)

Newsletter: Amiga Update #050331
In seinem englischsprachigen Newsletter fasst Brad Webb einmal monatlich alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten zum Amiga zusammen, jetzt wurde die März-Ausgabe veröffentlicht:

         _________ ____      _|__ __ __|_______      _________
       __\ _____ \\\\  \_  _/  //___//  _____//______\ _____ \\
      // \\\\  /. \\\\__ \/ __//    \\  \\____.  /// \\\\  /. \\
      \\___\¯ /___///___\  /___\     \\_________//\\___\¯ /___//
       ¯    \/    ¯ ¯    \/.  |¯      ¯|z!o     ¯  ¯    \/    ¯
               A M I G A      | 050331 |      U P D A T E
        AMIGA and the Amiga logo are trademarks of Amiga, Inc.      

              A M I G A E A S T   I N F O R M A T I O N 

    G A R Y   H A R E   -   A F T E R   T H E   I N T E R V I E W 

             S C A G   I S   G E T T I N G   C L O S E R 

        U P D A T E   T O   A M I G A O N E   F I R M W A R E 

   D U A L   C O R E   P P C   I N   T H E   W O R K S   -   I B M 

                P E R L 5   P O R T E D   T O   O S 4 

      C A T W E A S E L   M K 4   I S   N O W   S H I P P I N G 

         " H O L L Y W O O D "   N O W   N A T I V E   O S 4 

              R E M O T E   D E S K T O P   C L I E N T 

                N E W   S I M P L E M A I L   B E T A 

    S I M P L E P L A Y   M U S I C   P L A Y E R   F O R   O S 4

      T R I M A ' G I C   B O A R D   G A M E   R E L E A S E D

          W E A T H E R   O N   Y O U R   W O R K B E N C H 

           W O O K I E C H A T   1 . 5 2   R E L E A S E D 

  S E G A   G E N E S I S   /   M E G A D R I V E   E M U L A T O R 

 Finally Spring is here in "Amiga Update" land, and very welcome it
is. Welcome also is the time to put together another newsletter, one
with pretty much only good news.
 This month saw several unusual events happening. The Amiga Inc.
website got a makeover ( While a number of folks don't
seem to like the aesthetics of the new site - it is pretty basic -
there's no doubt the site needed updating. It's now consistent, and up
to date on the information presented. We were wondering if that would
ever happen. We're pleased to see it did, and encouraged by that fact.
 We received news from one reader to correct information we ran last
month concerning the involvement of John Zacharias with the well known
AmiWest show. We were informed that the actual founder of AmiWest was
Alan Crandall. John took the reins over from Alan. We regret any
misinformation. What we ran was the story as we received it, and as it
was written in John's obituary. We are happy to pass on the new
information we received. We're always happy to hear from readers with
corrections or comments.
 There's lots for you to read in this issue. As always, we hope you
enjoy it.

 Brad Webb,

             A M I G A E A S T   I N F O R M A T I O N 

12 March, 2005 

We have 4 confirmed Amiga User Groups coming to AmigaEast.
LICA- Long Island Computing Amigans
QAUG- Queens Amiga User Group
AMUSE- Amiga Users- Based in New York City
NCSCAUG- North Carolina South Carolina User's Group

 We are looking for more User Groups to join us. Let your groups know
and spread the word. We are looking for more people to give classes in
there Amiga Expertise. Contact us and we may be able to fit you in.
 7 March, 2005
 Software Hut is coming to AmigaEast show in New York May 28-29th
2005. Jeri Ellsworth will also hold a mini Developers Conference at
the show for the C-One.
 The Amiga East Show NYC, NY, USA - Marriott Courtyard, LaGuardia
 May 28-29, 2005 - Looking forward to seeing you there!.

Amiga East Show 2005 in NYC, NY

 Mr. Hardware Computers is pleased to announce the Amiga East Show
2005, scheduled to be held on May 28th and 29th, 2005 at the Marriott
Courtyard, LaGuardia, just across from LaGuardia Airport in NYC, NY.
The show will feature the latest new Amiga hardware and software.
There will be many exhibitors and resellers in the Exhibits Hall on
Saturday and Sunday, including major vendors and shareware developers.
Special focus is planned for Amiga OS4, the Internet, Video
Production, the Demo Scene, and more. You willl be able to have
hands-on time in some areas or watch some amazing eye-candy to
entertain yourself. If you are looking for help, there will be special
tables for user groups who are looking for new Amiga members.
 2005 is the 20th Anniversary of Amiga and Mr. Hardware Computers -- a
great time to celebrate our favorite computer. There will be guest
speakers, featuring industry veterans, expert in Amiga, AmigaDE, and
Linux, who will be presenting free seminars and demos of products. You
will hear insider anecdotes from programmers behind OS4 and Classic
 There will be free workshops to learn about platform developments and
getting started in some of the new programs that will be coming out in
the near future. - Exciting Events! -
 Above and beyond all else, there will be time to relax when you
attend the Saturday night banquet and are served in style! For one low
price you can dine while enjoying an exclusive program designed to
appeal to everyone.
 Tickets for the conference are only $20 per day or $25 for both days.
The banquet is only $38. A special discounted hotel rate for Amiga
East is also available.

Mr. Hardware Computers - Amiga Since 1985

Russ Norrby

   G A R Y   H A R E   -   A F T E R   T H E   I N T E R V I E W 

22-Mar-2005 0:15:42

 {The following item was posted on as a follow-up
to the IRC interview with Gary Hart, CEO of Amiga Inc., which was held
on 20 March. It clears up a lot of questions people had after that
interview and is important reading for all Amigans. (If you've never
checked out, you owe it to yourself to do so!!)
 As many of you know I don't spend much time on public boards. But
when I woke up to full e-mail, jammed cell messages and many of my
people pointing me to specific posts, I made an exception and have now
spent several hours reading your comments and speculation. I certainly
didn't mean to set all this off. My motivation in agreeing to the IRC
was clearly my insanity - hopefully temporary. One disadvantage to
this means of communication is it does not allow for quick follow-up
questions. And, as an aside, the bot cut off some of my best and most
controversial comments. But I guess the ones that got through filled
that bill.
 I would like to "clarify" a couple items. Please appreciate that I
cannot and will not violate confidentiality, with anyone. I hope that
I am not doing so now.
 1. Is Amiga, Inc. planning to kill off AmigaOS 4.0?
 No, no, no and NO!
 2. Does Hyperion (I refer to AmigaOne Partners) have the right to
extend OS 4.0 to say 4.1?
 Yes they do. In fact, for you conspiracy theorists, that is the wrong
question. Disclosing details of exactly what this means is
confidential. Bottom line - they do have that right and I hope this
comment doesn't violate our NDA.
 3. Will they (extend that is)?
 That is a business decision. I would assume If AmigaOne Partners find
the market, we all hope to see, this decision is obvious.
 4. Do I have AmigaOS 4.0, do I have an Amiga computer, do I know how
to turn it on? And, if I have it, what do I think of it?
 Yes I have OS 4 running on an Amiga and elsewhere (that ought to
start a new thread). As an aside it was pretty difficult for us to get
delivery in the US., even after pre-paying. I have brought this issue
to Eyetech. I turned it on all by myself and am currently figuring out
how to turn it off.
 I think Hyperion's work is very impressive. Particularly so when you
consider the limited resources available the Frieden bothers, and many
other developers, have to work with. As an aside, the Frieden brothers
are very talented and yes I like them. I release them from any
confidentiality if they wish to comment on me.
 And yes, AmigaOS 4 has utility in markets beyond the desktop.
 5. Will AmigaAnywhere be on OS 4.0, when, who pays?
 We hope 1.5 and future versions will be. It makes sense to me.
Remember, we released 1.5 last week. Hyperion is pretty busy getting
4.0 to all of you. If Hyperion wants it, it will be there. And we do
the work. We pay and do the work for all AA enabled devices and to be
honest we have a minimum installed threshold before proceeding. This
minimum does not apply to AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.0. It may make sense
to wait for next version.
 6. What is the best thing any of you can do to support AmigaOS 4.0?
 Go buy and AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.0. If everyone concerned about
extensions and the like either has or is buying the AmigaOne, it goes
a long way toward those extensions.
 7. Does Fleecy still work for Amiga?
 He certainly does. In fact, he better be working right now. I make
the staffing decisions.
 8. What's up with the web site, its design, etc.?
 We had to have one aspect of the site ready for a specific reason
last week. I suggested the IRC be next Sunday. David pointed out that
was Easter (good point). We moved the IRC forward, perhaps we should
have moved it back. Knowing that many of you would be our first
audience, we added several sections. Like all sites, is a
living project. It will change very frequently. In the near term
daily. Titles are being added all the time, and the like. Our
immediate focus is ease of use.
 I did read many of your comments. I agree with some, disagree with
others. We will make many changes ( a couple based on your specific
feedback) but the site will focus on consumer marketing, most
significantly the storefront and front page. As all of our developers
know, the devnet portion is being designed with their input.
 9. What's with all this AmigaAnywhere talk? Why should anyone care?
 For those of you only interested in the desktop, skip this.
AmigaAnywhere is not what it used to be (DE). This, and future
versions, not only extend the market but as I said, literally change
what removable media is and does. It is a big deal to us and some in
the industry. Some people really like this whole ease-of-use, cross
device, scale anywhere solution. Some of you see it as some sort of
distraction. It is not. BTW, I did not mention Capacity Networks in my
comments. We are not using them in the solutions we're working one. We
very much like what they do. We no longer own them.
 10. Would I please disclose our strategy, features lists, partners,
plans and the like?
 11. Will I be doing another "interview" anytime soon?
 I refer you to my "Temporary Insanity" comment above. But if AW asks
and it is around a product release, or other major development, I will
do so. Other than this note, I won't be on public boards.
 12. Finally, several comment like this, "What makes you think you're
qualified to be CEO of Amiga or most anywhere else? I don't think
you're up to the job."
 Believe me, there are numerous days when I agree with you.
 My best to all of you. Don't panic things are going pretty good.
Robots was good, especially if you are a kid.


            S C A G   I S   G E T T I N G   C L O S E R 

30 March, 2005 

 The show takes place THIS SATURDAY just outside of Scunthorpe, UK.
 Some highlights of the day:
 Somewhere in the order of 20 machines on display including a microA1
and a classic Amiga running OS4.

At least 2 machines running AROS.
Private bar with reasonable prices.
Raffle with prizes.
After show meal.

 I'm expecting the turnout to be 20+ with people coming from as far as
 For more details please check out the website:

What is SCAG?

 Basically it's a gathering of Amiga users and their computers of
choice in one place. It isn't a trade show, it's a party. Everyone
loves a party right?
 Its being held on April the 2nd in a village just to the west of
Scunthorpe, which is in the UK. Doors open at approx 2pm for anyone
bringing hardware and the official opening will be at 3pm. Doors close
at 8pm although we will start to packup from 7pm.
 So far there will be at least:

An A1200 running OS4

A ÂuA1-C running OS4

A few PC's running AROS

An A4000 running OS3.9

An A1200 running OS3.9

A couple of CD32's

A couple of XBox's

A BeOS machine

Probably more come the day of the event.

 There will also be a raffle. Raffle tickets are £1 each on the day
and the prizes are as follows:
 First prize = Hyperion's Freespace and Quake2 as well as Cloanto's
AmigaForever6 CD
 Second prize = Cloanto's AmigaForever6 CD and a PCMCIA Networking
 Third prize = Selection of old Amiga and CD32 titles.
 After the event we will be going to an American restaurant in town
for something to eat and drinks. A full menu with price listings is on
the website.
 Please go to for more details.
 Also there are carpool threads available for you to post to if you
need a ride or can offer a ride on:

         U P D A T E   T O   A M I G A O N E   F I R M W A R E 

3 March, 2005

 Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of a new AmigaOne firmware update for registered
customers of AmigaOS 4.0. New features in this release include
 * Improvements in the x86 BIOS emulator
 * Reworked IDE/ATA-Code with better support of multiple IDE
 * Preliminary support for the Catweasel Mark IV controller by
Individual Computers
 * Ability to choose graphics card for booting
 * Multiple bugs fixed, including a wrong IRQ assignment for AGP
graphics cards (Vertical Blanking interrupts should now function
 The update can be downloaded from our file area.

   D U A L   C O R E   P P C   I N   T H E   W O R K S   -   I B M 

13 March, 2005

Application Note

 {The following item appeared briefly on the IBM website, then was
quickly put under wraps, in a status that allowed only authorzied
persons to see it. Fortunately, this amount of the text was grabbed
and made available before the door slammed shut. We found it at (Of course!) Brad}
 The dual 64-bit core PowerPC970MP (970MP) is the next evolutionary
step in the PowerPC 970 family of microprocessors. The higher
frequency grade versions of the 970MP consume higher amounts of power
than earlier IBM microprocessors do, and that can cause temperature
issues. Each 970MP processor core contains a thermal diode used to
monitor its operating temperature. The thermal diode must be monitored
to ensure that the maximum operating temperature of the 970MP is not
exceeded. These thermal diodes used by the microprocessors are unique
to the PowerPC architecture and cannot be read using standard
thermal diode monitoring chips. This paper will discuss the
characteristics of the diode and outline the struc-ture of a thermal
diode monitoring circuit used to monitor the temperature of the
microprocessor's cores.

Revision Date: 03/13/05

               P E R L 5   P O R T E D   T O   O S 4 

22 March, 2005

Description:     Initial native port of Perl 5.8.5 to Amiga Os4.0
Download:     perl.tar.bz2       )
Author:     Larray Wall et al (amigaos4 port by Andy Broad)
Submitter:     Andy Broad
Requirements:     abc-shell
Category:     development/language
License:     GPL
FileID:     604

This is an initial port of Perl5.8.5 to Amiga OS4.0.
Amiga release .01
It is a totally native port and requires no ixemul!

 Perl (practical extraction and report language) was originally
written by Larry Wall et al. See for more info.
 This port was done by Andy Broad <> please direct
all queries to in the first instance.
 It's licensed under the GPL or Paerl Artistc License.
 This build only supports static linking but most of the standard
extensions have been built in, (as well as a couple of modules
required for lib-WWW).
 This build has been configured to expect its lib to be in


and the binaries in


 To install unpack the archive and copy the contents directory SDK/
your SDK: assign.

it's recommened to make the following assigns

assign BIN: SDK:C
assign USR: SDK:Local

and if you have a port of core-utils

chmod 0777 T:

These allow most standard scripts to work with out modification.

      C A T W E A S E L   M K 4   I S   N O W   S H I P P I N G 

5 March, 2005

 Shipping of the Catweasel MK4 has started exactly one month ago. We
have now filled all back-orders and want to say thank you for the
trust and the patience that our customers have shown. The new delay
was caused by the transition to a lead-free production process. We
have now solved all problems that arose with this transition, and are
now perfectly prepared for the new laws that become effective in 2006.

MMC64 production finished

 The same lead-free production process was used for the assembly of
MMC64, the flashcard-based mass storage unit developed by Oliver
Achten. Shipping of this product has started on friday march 4th,
2005. We're now taking orders through our contact form, or through
eMail. The price per unit is 49,- EUR.

New Deathbed Vigil DVDs arrived

 The film by Dave Haynie about the last days of Commodore experiences
constant demand, so we have imported new DVDs. German customs have
released the parcel on march 4th, 2005, so we can now ship the DVDs in
the free market of the European Union. Due to the strong EUR currency,
we were able to lower the price to 34,90 EUR each. The film is
recorded on DVD-R media, and we have chosen the PAL version for the
European market. Dave has not only signed the inlays, but also the
discs this time, so collectors get two original Autographs with every

New software for Catweasel MK4

 Unfortunately, the Windows operating system kept some surprises for
us that we could not account for during the betatest. Some customers
could not even install the drivers, and others have reported errors
with no obvious reasons. The new driver can be used for both the
Catweasel MK3 and MK4, and it fixes all known problems.

Download: (68 KByte)

 The driver can be used with Windows 2000 and Windows XP (all
versions). Please remove all elements of the old driver manually
before installing (this is described in the readme file of the
archive). Users of Windows 2000 should check if they need to install
update 822831, otherwise the driver can still not be installed.
 Catweasel MK4 drivers for classic Amiga are also available now: The
new version of multidisk V3.65 uses OpenPCI to access the controller
through the Prometheus PCI bridge. Other PCI bridges that are suppored
by OpenPCI have not been tested, so we can't guarantee proper

Download: multidisk365.lha (40 KByte)

individual Computers at events

 We're especially happy to announce that we're sponsoring the
scene-event Breakpoint again this year. Breakpoint takes place at
easter, following the tradition of the famous Mekka&Symposium parties.
A new location will be used this year, and it will break more records:
We're especially looking forward to the biggest "bigscreen" that has
ever been used on a demo-party, and the seminars that are introdced
for the first time this year.
 AmiTron 2005 will take place on april 2nd, 2005 in Trondheim, Norway.
The main point of interest for this small show is Amiga computers
ranging from the oldest A1000 to the brand new micro-A1, but due to
popular request, we'll do demonstrations of our retro-computing
products as well, such as using a Commodore 64 as a web-server.

Individual Computers

         " H O L L Y W O O D "   N O W   N A T I V E   O S 4 

20 March, 2005

 Airsoft Softwair is proud to announce new updates for the popular
Hollywood product line. As of today, Hollywood 1.93, Hollywood
Designer 1.01 and Malibu 1.11 are available in versions for AmigaOS3,
WarpOS, MorphOS and now for the first time also for AmigaOS4, PPC
native which brings incredible speed improvements over the versions
for classic Amigas. This is definitely the perfect Easter gift for all
Amiga enthusiasts!

Hollywood 1.93

 Hollywood is the ultimate Multimedia engine for your Amiga computer.
It is a highly optimized program which offers a flexible script
language that allows you to create all kinds of Multimedia
applications, ranging from simple presentations to games and GUI
applications, without specific knowledge of programming languages.
Core of Hollywood is its Multimedia Application Layer which provides a
large set of functions to create almost everything you desire in a
short time. Hollywood 1.93 brings along a great new feature which has
been anticipated by many users: Hollywood can now compile your scripts
into native AmigaOS4 executables from any platform that is supported
by Hollywood. The update to Hollywood 1.93 is available for AmigaOS3,
WarpOS, MorphOS and finally, Hollywood has now landed on AmigaOS 4.0

Hollywood Designer 1.01

 Hollywood Designer is a state of the art "what you see is what you
get" (WYSIWYG) presentation editor which is the ideal tool for users
who prefer to click their presentations together instead of typing
Hollywood scripts. Using the established slide based concept, you can
create professional presentations on your Amiga now within minutes.
Hollywood Designer 1.01 adds the possibility to save your
presentations as AmigaOS4 programs. Besides that, you can also save
AmigaOS3, WarpOS and MorphOS programs. The update to Hollywood
Designer 1.01 is available for AmigaOS3, WarpOS, MorphOS and for the
first time also for AmigaOS 4.0 PPC.

Malibu 1.11

 Malibu is a plugin for Hollywood that allows Hollywood to load and
display your old Scala presentations. This is especially useful
because Scala does not work on graphics boards and also has its
problems with modern Amigas. With Malibu, your Scala scripts run in a
window on Workbench or on an Intuition screen! Furthermore, your Scala
presentations will look much better with Malibu because it does not
map all colors into a 256 color palette. Malibu 1.11 is an AmigaOS 4.0
version of Malibu 1.1, which is already available for AmigaOS3 and
MorphOS. There are no new features except that it is now PPC native
and thus much faster than the 68k version.


 If you order Hollywood, Hollywood Designer or Malibu, you will get a
CD-ROM that contains versions for all platforms that are supported by
the programs including AmigaOS4. If you already have one or more of
the products, you should order the update kit which allows you to
update your installed AmigaOS3, WarpOS and MorphOS versions. The
update kit also contains the AmigaOS4 versions of all programs so you
can use it to upgrade to the AmigaOS4 version. Please note: There is
only one update kit available. This kit contains all updates for
Hollywood, Hollywood Designer and Malibu. The update kit can be
ordered for 20 Euros from the Airsoft Softwair website. Please also
note that you need a valid installation of Hollywood 1.9 to apply the

              R E M O T E   D E S K T O P   C L I E N T 
2 March, 2005

 The Remote Desktop client allows computers running the Amiga OS 4 or
Amiga OS 3.x Operating Systems to connect to Microsoft Windows XP Pro,
2000 Server (with Terminal Services installed), or Windows 2003 Server
for remote management and operability. It allows the user to fully use
the remote computer from any location - as long as both machines are
online and remote desktop has been enabled on the Windows host.


 Full screen or Window
 Audio forwarding from the Windows Host to the Amiga Computer
(requires AHI)
 Clipboard support
 Iconify Support
 8/16/24-bit true colour support
 Uses functions of Picasso 96 or CyberGraphX for accelerated graphics
 Multiple instances of the client can be launched
 Known Issues when running under OS4
 1. You may receive choppy or stuttering audio from the Windows host
while running multiple instances of Remote Desktop. We recommend you
do not run multiple instances with the audio forwarding enabled.
 Known Issues under OS 3.9/Amithlon
 1. Mouse pointer is squished/corrupt under Amithlon. This is due to a
bug in Amithlon that probably will never get fixed due to current
state of that software.
 Report other issues by E-mailing
 Frequently asked Questions
 Q: How do I use this thing?
 1)You must have access to a Windows XP PRO, Windows 2003 server, or
Windows 2000 Server (with Terminal Services installed).
 2) Enable Remote Desktop on your Windows machine. Microsoft tells you
how to do this here:

 3) Go back to the Amiga and adjust the tooltypes of the Living Room
PC icon.
 4) Change the tooltype SERVER= so it says SERVER= <IP address of your
Windows machine>
 For example, mine says: SERVER=
 Edit the USER= tooltype and put in your Windows Username
 Change the FULLSCREEN tooltype to (FULLSCREEN) if you want Window
mode. Change the REMOTEAUDIO ToolType to (REMOTEAUDIO) if you want to
forward your PC's audio to the Amiga
 Double Click on the Living Room PC Icon and a Window should appear
asking you to login to your Windows computer.
 Q: Can I connect to a Windows XP Home edition computer?
 A: Yes, however you will require third party software to do this.
Look here:
 Q: Can I connect to a Windows 2000 PRO computer?
 A: No, Windows 2000 PRO does not support Remote Desktop connections.
 Q: Are ixemul and ixnet libraries required?
 A: No, they are not required. You do need an internet connection
though. Roadshow for OS 4 or Miami/Genesis for OS 3.9 are recommended.
 Q: Does the Amiga OS 3.9 version work under Amithlon?
 A: Yes.
 Q: Why is it so slow under Amiga OS 3.9?
 A: Remote Desktop can potentially use a large amount of Bandwidth and
heavy use of the graphics sub-system. For best results on classic
Amigas we recommend a 68060 cpu and a graphics card such as a Picasso
or Cybervision, or a Voodoo 3 if you have a Mediator , G-Rex PCI, or
Prometheus PCI bus-board.
 Q: When playing back videos or games it is quite choppy.
 A: Remote desktop was not designed for remote game playing or
watching videos or DVD's. Although some games and videos may work, the
performance will depend on the speed of both the remote Windows host
and the Amiga client. Streaming full quality MP3's, for example,
requires about 200-300KB of download bandwidth. 3D games such as Doom
3 will not function over Remote Desktop.
 Q: Are there any limitations if I connect to a Windows 2000 Server
instead of XP Pro or 2003 Server?
 A: Yes, Windows 2000 Terminal Services only supports up to 8-bit
colour and does not support Audio forwarding.
 Q: The Alt key appears to be stuck.
 A: Press the left Windows key on your keyboard several times, it
should "unstick" the ALT key.

Credits and Notes

 Programming: Martin Blom (original port), Jörg Strohmayer (OS4
version and bug fixes)**
 GUI Programming: OS4 - Simon Archer, MUI - AmigaZeux. Funding and
beta testing: Darren Eveland
 *Amiga is a trademark of Amiga Inc.
 **based on earlier work by Matthew Chapman et al. Under GPL license.

                N E W   S I M P L E M A I L   B E T A 

3 March, 2005

 SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga platform (both classic and
OS4) and compatible systems (MorphOS). It is intended to be as
portable as possible so there speaks nothing against a version for
other systems, like for example Windows.
 In the current state, SimpleMail is an beta version but it is very
stable however as we try to implement every feature so that it works
and go then on to the next one. However, SimpleMail grows very fast
and with your help it can overgrow YAM soon.

 If you have any questions or bugs then send them to the
user-mailinglist please, whose URL you'll find in the links on the
site. Bug reports should submitted to the Bug Tracking system. But if
you have encouragements so send them to one of the main developers.
You can find our e-mail addresses in contact.
 Version 0.26 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
 * optional TheBar.mcc is now used for all toolbars (bgol)
 * compacted mailinfo shows now additional the from field (bgol)
 * simplehtml.library ported to OS4
 * Fixed broken SMTP STARTTLS support
 * Minor other improvements and fixes

    S I M P L E P L A Y   M U S I C   P L A Y E R   F O R   O S 4

15 March, 2005

Description:     Music player - OGG, WAV, VOC, MOD, S3M, IT, XM
Download:     simpleplay.lha       
Version:     2.0
Author:     James Carroll
Submitter:     James Carroll
Requirements:     OS4, NList.mcc
Category:     audio/play
Replaces:     audio/play/simpleplay.lha
License:     Freeware
FileID:     561

SimplePlay 2.0

 This music player enables OS4 users to play the following music and


 It was written using the Music functions that are built-in to
SDL_Mixer (which is part of Simple Direct Media Layer). There is no
function to query the length of songs, so I have left out a position
slider gadget. Sorry about that guys.
 This updated v2.0 of SimplePlay has a graphical interface. v1.0 was
CLI/shell based.

     T R I M A ' G I C   B O A R D   G A M E   R E L E A S E D

21 March, 2005

TriMa'gic is a single player board game.

Goal is to remove gems with the same color from the board.

 The input slot has four gems that can be placed into the four outer
play slots. A new gem is played by pressing SPACE, the input slot or
when the time reaches zero. You can click on the play slots to move
the gems onto the playfield. The playfield consists of three rings
that can be turned clock- or counterclockwise with left/right
mousbutton. The center will turn all three rings. The goal is to place
3 gems of one color in a row to remove them. The more rows you remove,
the faster a new gem is played. To reduce the gamespeed you can fill a
complete ring in a single color. The most points and speedreduction
you get for the outer ring.
 Some bonus items will make your life harder when they appear in the
center ;)
 more info + screenshots and download available from:

          W E A T H E R   O N   Y O U R   W O R K B E N C H 

12 March, 2005

Description:     Show weather conditions on Workbench (OS4)
Download:     wet.lha       
Version:     2.01
Author:     Chris Young
Submitter:     Chris Young
Requirements:     OS4
Category:     utility/workbench
Replaces:     utility/workbench/wet.lha
License:     Freeware
FileID:     593

 This program retrieves local meterological data from the Internet,
and saves it in (regulary updating) env-vars to allow you to display
it in the WB titlebar. Comes complete with a GUI to show full weather
information and unit conversion.

Previous few version changes:

2.01 (19.03.2005)

 * Stopped Wet from locking the WB screen (you can now change
screenmode etc with Wet running)
 * Fixed potential crash with unexpected amounts of data.
 * Fixed crash on start-up when nsd_cccc.txt was not available and no
ICAO code had been set.
 * The installation script now copies the documentation.

2.0 (12.03.2005)

 * You can now display full weather information in the GUI, and select
the units you wish to display the data in. Shows some additional
information to the env-vars as well.
 * Localised for multiple languages support, default units are now
based on OS Locale settings.
 * Added CloudCover and CloudHeight env-vars (reports lowest level
 * New "quiet" mode, to stop error requesters appearing.
 * Latitude/Longitude values remain valid after manually typing ICAO
ID, and longitudes of >99° are now selectable.
 * Directional visibility is now handled and stops the indication of
9000°C etc appearing errorneously.

 * GRID wind direction values are now handled internally, although Wet
shows them as values in degrees - which is not necessarily incorrect.
 * Inches of mercury is now displayed to 2 decimal places.
 * Changed the significant weather parsing, so Wet will now display
"Snow" or "Rain" instead of "Showers", unless the precipitation type
is unknown.
 * Wet no longer crashes when the site data file (nsd_cccc.txt) is not
 * Fixed several occurances where Wet could fail to retrieve or decode
data correctly, often resulting in a crash.
 * Pretty banner and install script added.

           W O O K I E C H A T   1 . 5 2   R E L E A S E D 

1 March, 2005

 WookieChat 1.52 is now available to download from the WookieChat
homepage and
 68k and OS4 versions available in the one archive.

This is a simple IRC client. The goals when I started was:

1. An OS4 native IRC client
2. in the style of mIRC (rather than AmIRC/XChat)
3. Something simple but reasonably good and free for the community
4. Reaction based

 Unfortunately Reaction's listbrowser class was a bit lacking so I
switched to MUI which has a very nice listview class.
 WookieChat is non-crippled shareware", which means I'll accept
donations from people for the use of this program, but if you dont
want to pay anything, you dont have to. The program will not be
crippled in any way or require a keyfile. It's not as feature-rich as
AmIRC, but its getting better and better.
 Visit the website at to donate!
Please donate, I want money. :D

UPDATED to 1.52 :

 "Fixed memory getting trashed, which prevented the 68k version from
running very well or at all. Bugfix: when a user types a command that
WookieChat doesnt yet recognise, it sends that command raw to the
server. On 68k systems, these 'non-directly supported' commands caused
the system to hang. fixed." instead. This task was taking up 99% CPU
time on MorphOS for some reason."
 WookieChat is an AmigaOS IRC Client used for chatting on Internet
Relay Chat networks (in more or less real time in text form).

Download url:

  S E G A   G E N E S I S   /   M E G A D R I V E   E M U L A T O R 

30 March, 2005

Description:     Sega Genesis / Megadrive emulator
Download:     genesisplus.lha      
Version:     1.2
Author:     Charles MacDonald , Per Johansson
Submitter:     Per Johansson
Requirements:     Roms
Category:     emulation/gamesystem
Replaces:     emulation/gamesystem/genesisplus.lha
License:     Freeware
FileID:     635
Comments:     4  [View]
Snapshots:     8  [View]

Short:        Sega Genesis / Megadrive emulator
Uploader: Per Johansson <>
Author:      Charles MacDonald , Per Johansson
Type:         Emulation/Gamesystem
Requires:  OS4
Recommended:  ROM's
Version:      1.2

For xadmaster installation, download this file:
install and copy the file in the Genesis Plus-libs folder to LIBS:

- A nice gui
- Xadmaster support (ie load zipped and gzipped roms)
- Banner by Restore 2003 (

 I know the audio-engine is not perfect, sometimes it can click, but
still it is better than nothing.
Amiga Update on the net:
 All back issues available at:
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Copyright 2005 by Brad Webb.    Freely distributable, if not modified.
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