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Aminet-Uploads bis 05.02.2006
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
WordWorth7Patch.lha          biz/patch    19K  OS3  Inofficial Date Patch for Wordworth 7
ali.lha                      comm/irc     83K  MOS  AmIRC Log Inspector
miau-0.5.3-morphos.lha       comm/irc     77K  MOS  IRC bouncer (IRC equivalent of a HTTP pr
miau-0.5.3.tar.gz            comm/irc    198K  GEN  Platform independent source archive of m
uptimeamirx.lha              comm/irc      1K  GEN  Funny trigger script for an uptime conte
CManager.lha                 comm/misc   582K  OS3  Contact Manager, a centralised system-wi
CManagerMOS.lha              comm/misc   859K  MOS  Contact Manager, a centralised system-wi
CManager_OLD.lha             comm/misc   507K  OS3  Contact Manager, a centralised system-wi
CManager_OLD_src.tgz         comm/misc   1.9M  GEN  Sources for Contact Manager
dvbrec.lha                   comm/misc    42K  MOS  Save data from TVSat Nokia D-Box
serialbridge.lha             comm/misc     8K  OS3  Bridges between serial devices (with sou
yydecode_MOS.lha             comm/news    28K  MOS  decode yEnc encoded file
amrss.lha                    comm/tcp    719K  OS3  Amiga RSS client.
amrssMOS.lha                 comm/tcp    882K  MOS  Amiga RSS client.
ascan.lha                    comm/tcp     38K  VAR  Multi processes tcp port scanner
bittorrent-4.3.6.lha         comm/tcp    6.9M  MOS  BitTorrent (with trackerless support)
bittorrent-4.3.6.tar.gz      comm/tcp    1.2M  GEN  Platform independent source archive of B
bos.lha                      comm/tcp     10K  OS3  Amiga version of "NoBo"
ctorrent-1.3.4-morphos.lha   comm/tcp     71K  MOS  CTorrent for MorphOS
ctorrent-1.3.4.tar.gz        comm/tcp    101K  GEN  Platform independent source archive of c
CTorrentUI.lha               comm/tcp     75K  OS3  GUI for CTorrent v1.4.3 (BitTorrent clie
ctorrent_os4.lha             comm/tcp    169K  OS4  CTorrent - An Amiga BitTorrent clone
enqueueTorrent-1.3.lha       comm/tcp     79K  VAR  Integrate MLdonkey support into your Ami
freedb.lha                   comm/tcp    446K  OS3  FreeDB - application archive
freedbMOS.lha                comm/tcp    675K  MOS  FreeDB - application archive
getit.lha                    comm/tcp     97K  OS3  Downloads files from http servers, resum
mldonkey-2.6.3-morphos.lha   comm/tcp     10M  MOS  p2p client, MorphOS port
mmsclient-0.0.3-morphos.lha  comm/tcp     21K  MOS  Download Microsoft Media streams from mm
mmsclient-0.0.3.tar.gz       comm/tcp    115K  GEN  Platform independent source archive of m
muinlpanel.lha               comm/tcp    183K  OS3  MUI MiamiDx control Panel - NList versio
muipanel.lha                 comm/tcp    159K  OS3  MUI MiamiDx control Panel
muipanelMOS.lha              comm/tcp    233K  MOS  MUI MiamiDx control Panel
muipanels.lha                comm/tcp     69K  OS3  MUI MiamiDx control Panel - sources
rxsocket.lha                 comm/tcp    177K  OS3  rxsocket.library TCP/IP ARexx library
wget-1.9.1.tar.gz            comm/tcp    1.3M  GEN  Platform independent source archive of w
xchangemail.lha              comm/tcp      1K  GEN  A-Rexx script for Miami and YAM
Apache_1.3.27.tgz            comm/www    7.5M  MOS  Web server, including PHP 4.3.2
hserv.lha                    comm/www    584K  GEN  Hserv ARexx HTTP/1.1 c.c. server
openurl.lha                  comm/www     51K  OS3  OpenURL - Get that URL!
openurlMOS.lha               comm/www     90K  MOS  OpenURL - Get that URL!
Path_1.2.lha                 comm/www    222K  OS4  Path is a small web browser
v2cm.lha                     comm/www      2K  GEN  Two Scripts to get CManager access back 
PTN-Suicidal.lha             demo/aga     60K  WUP  "SUICIDAL" - A 64kB Intro by Potion
JennyThinks_OS4.lha          demo/euro   1.4M  OS4  Demo from Assembly 2004 orginally for th
miracle_morphos.lha          demo/euro   173K  MOS  "One Day Miracle" by Fit, released at As
TimeLess.lha                 demo/euro   203K  OS4  Scene Demo From 1994 , lots and lots of 
aros-demos_MOS.lha           demo/misc   1.3M  MOS  Small games and demos ported from AROS
blur.lha                     demo/misc     6K  MOS  Well known demo effect in a 16:9 window
mesa-demos.lha               demo/misc   528K  MOS  Mesa demos for TinyGL
mysticube13.lha              demo/misc    62K  VAR  drag'n'drop picture viewer on a cube
starfield.lha                demo/misc    13K  VAR  Oldschool starfield animation in 16:9 wi
cmatrix-1.2a-morphos.lha     dev/gg      116K  MOS  Show a scrolling 'Matrix' screen
Crypt-2.0.lha                dev/gg       48K  VAR  crypt v2.0 - UNIX password crypt utility
curl-7.12.3-morphos.lha      dev/gg      1.0M  MOS  A client that groks URLs
cvs-1.12.11-morphos.lha      dev/gg      1.4M  MOS  Source code revision control tools.
db-4.3.27-morphos.lha        dev/gg      7.0M  MOS  Berkeley DB, open source embedded databa
epic4-2.2-morphos.lha        dev/gg      1.1M  MOS  Programmable, console based IRC client
expat-1.95.8-morphos.lha     dev/gg      133K  MOS  A stream-oriented XML parsing library wr
gettext-0.14-morphos.lha     dev/gg       12M  MOS  GNU locale utilities
glib-2.6.0-morphos.lha       dev/gg      2.7M  MOS  Low-level core library
krb5-1.3.6-morphos.lha       dev/gg      8.8M  MOS  Network authentication using secret-key 
nano-1.2.3-morphos.lha       dev/gg      205K  MOS  Small and free editor which aims to repl
perl_reaction.tar.bz2        dev/lang    818K  OS4  make perl scripts with GUIs
abc-shell.lha                dev/misc    535K  OS4  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
awk.lha                      dev/misc    343K  OS4  awk the text processing language
bin2c-1.1.lha                dev/misc      7K  MOS  Convert any kind of data to c source cod
coreutils-bin.lha            dev/misc    4.6M  OS4  GNU core utilities
diffutils.lha                dev/misc    1.9M  OS4  Diffutils - file comparison tools                 dev/misc      7K  OS3  New IFF graphics file format standard, R
library_examples.lha         dev/misc     30K  MOS  examples to create MorphOS shared librar
m4.lha                       dev/misc    219K  OS4  m4 - Unix macro processor - OS4 bin
sqlite.lha                   dev/misc    1.2M  OS4  SQLite - A small database engine.
subversion-1.0.4.lha         dev/misc    2.2M  MOS  Revision control system, successor to RC
yacc_os4.lha                 dev/misc    298K  OS4  Yacc - Yet another compiler-compiler
MCC_BWin.lha                 dev/mui      61K  OS3  MUI public borderless window class
MCC_Calendar.lha             dev/mui      69K  OS3  Easy way to handle dates
MCC_CalendarMOS.lha          dev/mui     121K  MOS  Easy way to handle dates
MCC_GIFAnim.lha              dev/mui      74K  VAR  GIF animation custom class
MCC_MiniMailer.lha           dev/mui      52K  VAR  MUI custom class for sending mails
MCC_SpeedBar.lha             dev/mui     168K  OS3  Highly configurable toolbar class
MCC_SpeedBarMOS.lha          dev/mui     193K  MOS  Highly configurable toolbar class
MCC_TheBar.lha               dev/mui     328K  OS3  Next generation buttons bar class
MCC_TheBarMOS.lha            dev/mui     416K  MOS  Next generation buttons bar class
MCC_Urltext.lha              dev/mui      34K  OS3  MUI public custom url class
MCC_UrltextMOS.lha           dev/mui      46K  MOS  MUI public custom url class
diskimage.lha                disk/misc    80K  OS3  Mount any disk image file as a DOS devic
emptyh.lha                   disk/misc    15K  OS4  empty-handler, creates empty files
tuxgoesmorphos.txt           docs/misc    15K  GEN  Help and info about the "Tux goes MorphO
rescue_demo.lha              game/actio  766K  OS3  Demo: Rescue My Souls
Annihilation.lha             game/demo   231K  OS3  Work-in-progress shoot-em-up, help neede
WoodenBars.lha               game/demo    52K  OS3  Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
misterbanana-1.3.lha         game/gag     32K  MOS  Little fellow for your Desktop
MrMazinga.lha                game/gag    111K  MOS  The bananas killer
MrMazinga68k.lha             game/gag     94K  OS3  The bananas killer
FreeSCI_MOS.lha              game/misc   763K  MOS  A portable interpreter for Sierra On-lin
SaraMariesEierJagd_OS4.lha   game/misc   1.1M  OS4  Pick Up thoose eggs....but not everyone 
scummvm-frak.lha             game/misc   2.8M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
scummvm.lha                  game/misc   3.3M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
Stratagus.lha                game/misc   862K  MOS  Realtime strategy gaming engine
WipeOut_2097_Demo.lha        game/race   3.7M  WUP  WipeOut 2097 Demo
Descent_Freespace_2_MOS.lha  game/shoot  1.7M  MOS  Descent FreeSpace 2
Don_Ceferino_Hazana_upd.lha  game/shoot  5.5M  OS4  Super Pang Clone , with very cool music 
Quake_III_1.32b_SRC.tar.bz2  game/shoot  3.8M  MOS  Quake III SRC
Quake_III_MOS.lha            game/shoot  1.6M  MOS  Quake III
StarFighter_OS4.lha          game/shoot  5.8M  OS4  Project: StarFighter
vectoroids-1.1.0.lha         game/shoot  333K  MOS  Vector based Asteroids clone
Sudoku.lha                   game/think  3.4M  OS3  Sudoku
rtgmaster_mos.lha            gfx/board    15K  MOS  MorphOS native rtgmaster.library replace
dt2raw-1.0.lha               gfx/conv      8K  MOS  Converts pictures to RAW dataformats
mkvtoolnix-0.9.1.lha         gfx/edit    4.4M  MOS  Tools to create, alter and inspect Matro
SView5.lha                   gfx/misc    2.2M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package 
playdvd-1.2.lha              gfx/show      1K  GEN  Start DVD playback with MPlayer more eas
ShowGirls.lha                gfx/show    460K  MOS  Image showing/processing utility for Mor
Bochs_GUI_MOS.lha            misc/emu     53K  MOS  Bochs GUI 0.1b
Bochs_MOS.lha                misc/emu    760K  MOS  Bochs is an open source x86 emulator
DOSBox_0.63_MOS.lha          misc/emu    726K  MOS  MS DOS emulator
FrodoSrc.lha                 misc/emu    1.5M  GEN  C64 emulator for MorphOS - sources
OS4Emu_1.8.lha               misc/emu    106K  MOS  OS4 API emulator
RunDOS_1.2_MOS.lha           misc/emu     32K  MOS  RunDOS - a GUI for DOSBox
snes9xstarter-2.3.lha        misc/emu     37K  MOS  MUI interface for MorphOS port of SNES9x
visualboyadvance-1.7.2.lha   misc/emu    461K  MOS  GameBoy Advance emulator
da3.lha                      misc/sci    403K  MOS  Digital Almanac III MorphOS native binar
yacas.lha                    misc/sci    4.5M  OS4  YACAS - Yet Another Computer Algebra Sys
id3editor.tar.bz2            mus/edit    106K  OS4  MP3 tag editor written in perl with Reac
sox-12.17.4-morphos.lha      mus/edit    823K  MOS  Sound Format Converter, v12.17.2 -MorphO
lame-3.96-morphos.lha        mus/misc    303K  MOS  MP3 encoder, non-ixemul
lame-3.96.tar.gz             mus/misc    1.2M  GEN  Platform independent source archive of L
ogmtools-1.4.1-morphos.lha   mus/misc    845K  MOS  Tools for OGG media streams
ogmtools-1.4.1.tar.bz2       mus/misc    211K  GEN  Platform independent source archive of o
aiffplayer-3.3.lha           mus/play     24K  MOS  AIFF/AIFC player for AmiNetRadio
AmiAMP_Beta.lha              mus/play    141K  OS3  AmiAMP 1.1598 Beta, MP3 Player
auplayer-3.2-morphos.lha     mus/play     25K  MOS  Sun/Next audio player for AmiNetRadio
euph0ria-1.2.lha             mus/play    108K  MOS  Visual plugin for AmiNetRadio, Kaya or A
nowhere-1.0.lha              mus/play     96K  MOS  Funky visual plugin for Kaya, ANR or Ami
waveplayer-3.10.lha          mus/play     26K  MOS  WAVE player for AmiNetRadio
MCC_HTMLview.lha             text/hyper  157K  OS3  Parse and display HTML formatted text
detab.lha                    text/misc    18K  OS3  Detab utility
zip-bin.lha                  util/arc    152K  OS4  Zip - binary archive
zip-src.lha                  util/arc    1.1M  GEN  zip source archive
ltc.lha                      util/batch    3K  OS4  Locale telephone code info for Installer
blanky.lha                   util/cdity  141K  MOS  MorphOS DPMS blanker cx
lola.lha                     util/cdity  250K  MOS  Quick EMailer commodity
mfkey.lha                    util/cdity  128K  MOS  FKey for MorphOS
block205.lha                 util/cli     25K  VAR  Join and split files
cmp406.lha                   util/cli      6K  VAR  Compare two binary files
findmos.lha                  util/cli      1K  OS3  Detect MorphOS
serialecho-50.0.lha          util/cli      6K  MOS  echo command that dumps output to serial
sploiner-1.01.lha            util/cli    103K  VAR  Split, Join & recover tool
akGIF-dt.lha                 util/dtype   43K  VAR  akGIF-dt V45.31 (GIF, 68000-060/MOS)
akTIFF-dt.lha                util/dtype  385K  VAR  akTIFF-dt V45.40 (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
codesets.lha                 util/libs   128K  VAR  Handles codesets and character conversio
expat.lha                    util/libs   367K  VAR  Amiga port of Expat 1.95.8
get9usr-1.0.lha              util/libs    39K  MOS  Private general purpose support library
pcre.lha                     util/libs   225K  MOS  Perl regular expression library
regex.lha                    util/libs    49K  OS3  POSIX regular expressions
rxtoolkit.lha                util/libs     7K  OS3  rxtoolkit.library
rxwb.lha                     util/libs    38K  OS3  ARexx library bridge for workbench.libra
crc32-morphos.lha            util/misc     3K  MOS  Calculates CRC32 checksums
Ling.lha                     util/misc   542K  MOS  Passwords/accounts manager (incl. source
memeater-1.1.lha             util/misc     7K  MOS  Tool for producing low memory situations
showdebug-1.1.lha            util/misc     1K  MOS  Shows MorphOS' ramdegub logfile
yarandom-1.0.lha             util/misc     7K  MOS  Handler for creating streams of random d
cpumonitor-1.4.lha           util/moni    28K  MOS  Shows CPU usage statistics in a MUI wind
ramspeed-1.42-morphos.lha    util/moni    40K  MOS  Quick MorphOS recompile of ramspeed
Snoopium_src.lha             util/moni   183K  GEN  System monitoring tool for MorphOS - Sou
statline-0.10beta.lha        util/moni    42K  MOS  Shows miscellaneous system information
rlepack-1.1.lha              util/pack     8K  MOS  Compress / decompress with RLE algorithm
xpk_user.lha                 util/pack   127K  OS4  Compression package, user edition
isomount123.lha              util/rexx     5K  GEN  mounts CD isos, 1.44mo pc and 880ko Amig
rexxpatcherror.lha           util/rexx     9K  OS3  Localize ARexx errors
rmh.lha                      util/rexx    94K  OS3  rmh.library - Rexx Must Have library
rxasl.lha                    util/rexx    38K  OS3  rxasl.library asl functions for ARexx
rxcd.lha                     util/rexx    93K  OS3  RxCD - Audio CD ARexx Library
rxchild.lha                  util/rexx    11K  OS3  ARexx macros trees functions
rxcmanager.lha               util/rexx    42K  OS3  Query CManager from ARexx
rxmms.lha                    util/rexx    32K  MOS  How to write a native MOS ARexx library
rxmui.lha                    util/rexx   928K  OS3  RxMUI - MUI GUIs in ARexx macros
rxmuiguide.lha               util/rexx    64K  GEN  RxMUI - RxMUI Docs in AmigaGuide format
rxmuiguides.lha              util/rexx    91K  GEN  RxMUI - RxMUI Docs in AmigaGuide format
stream121-f.lha              util/rexx    15K  GEN  play and record shoutcast radio within c
NTPSync.lha                  util/time    35K  VAR  Synchronize the clock with NTP
limpidclock.lha              util/wb     248K  VAR  transparent clock / calendar
powericons_os4.lha           util/wb     711K  OS4  32-bit PNG icons on your Amiga

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