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Aminet-Uploads bis 26.02.2006
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Aminet-Uploads:
lohnsteuer.lha              biz/misc    152K  OS3  calculate the taxes and social insurance
wookiechat.lha              comm/irc    458K  VAR  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
facts.lha                   comm/tcp    198K  OS3  NTP clock time synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
A71Mail.lha                 comm/www     19K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
asp2php-mos.lha             comm/www    125K  MOS  ASP to PHP converter.
httphandler.lha             comm/www     24K  OS4  HTTP: device for accessing web-hosted fi
SFinfo.lha                  dev/basic    23K  OS3  "sndfile.library" dev kit for Blitz
simplecat.lha               dev/misc    103K  VAR  V2.20 Powerful CatComp replacement
amon.lha                    dev/moni     23K  GEN  AMON hex monitor (Pascal source)
DC2Lvl-EMine12.lha          game/data   386K  GEN  81 levels for Diamond Caves II
OpenJazz.lha                game/jump   203K  OS4  Jazz Jackrabbit games interpreter.
Arkanos.lha                 game/misc   518K  OS3  free break out game like ARKANOID
scummvm-0.8.0.lha           game/misc   2.4M  MOS  Adventure game engine
Wolfenstein3D.lha           game/shoot  110K  OS3  Amiga port of Wolf3D
Wolfenstein_3D_MOS.tgz      game/shoot  1.3M  MOS  Wolfenstein 3D for MorphOS
adv770_os4.lha              game/text   976K  OS4  Text adventure Adv770
abandoned_bricks-mos.lha    game/think  2.2M  MOS  SDL cross-platform tetris-like game
PaperBox.lha                gfx/3d      2.0M  OS3  Realtime rendered paper boxes using Stor
PaperBox_1.png              gfx/3d       12K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
PaperBox_2.png              gfx/3d        4K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
PaperBox_3.png              gfx/3d       21K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
SView5.lha                  gfx/misc    2.2M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package 
TVPAnimScripts.lha          gfx/misc     11K  GEN  TVPaint Image-sequence transport scripts
mijfif.lha                  gfx/show     31K  MOS  JFIF&BMP24 viewer for CGX MorphOS
hatari.lha                  misc/emu    1.7M  OS4  Atari ST and STE emulator
rundos.lha                  misc/emu     55K  VAR  run MS-DOS soft by clicking on the icon
ruidos_nuevos_4.mp3         mods/mpg    3.6M  GEN  Song by Diezi7
aifc2wav_4.lha              mus/edit     16K  OS3  Converts IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WA
playmate.lha                mus/misc    130K  OS4  General purpose instrument tuner & metro
nICkONs-4.lha               pix/gicon    83K  GEN  Game Glowicons
2001_icons.lha              pix/icon    390K  GEN  '2001 a Space Odyssey' a PNG iconset.
animauls.lha                pix/icon    213K  GEN  'Animauls' a PNG iconset. (128x128)
cheesefolders.lha           pix/icon    105K  GEN  'Cheese Folders' a PNG iconset. (128x128
chocolatefolders.lha        pix/icon    154K  GEN  'Chocolate Folders' a PNG iconset (128x1
cowmilk.lha                 pix/icon    102K  GEN  'CowMilk' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
digital_video.lha           pix/icon    235K  GEN  'Digital Video' a PNG iconset. (128x128,
HunoPNGsPack1Fix.lha        pix/icon    731K  GEN  HunoPNG'sPack1 Fix for Workbench        pix/icon    982K  GEN  HunoPNG'sPack2 Fix for Workbench
icollection.lha             pix/icon    657K  GEN  'iCollection' a PNG icon collection.
kiwiana.lha                 pix/icon    147K  GEN  'Kiwiana' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
pizzaicons.lha              pix/icon    962K  GEN  'PizzaIcons 1 and 2' a PNG iconset. (128
totalchaosagav5_review.jpg  pix/misc    177K  GEN  Review of the game Total Chaos AGA
ikir_theme.lha              pix/theme   1.1M  GEN  ikir's AmigaOS 4 Theme              pix/theme    62K  GEN  Brighter Them for Audio-Mixer (A1-AOS4)
dt.jpg                      pix/wb      620K  GEN  Amikit scren shot
BareED.lha                  text/edit   347K  OS3  Text editor supporting proportional font
IconBeFast.lha              util/boot    20K  OS3  for faster icons & better color mapping,
Transmitter.lha             util/cdity   58K  OS3  Reads text-clips and stores them as inpu
codesets.lha                util/libs   349K  VAR  Library for handling codesets and charac
TritonPPC.lha               util/libs   409K  MOS  Triton GUI creation system
zlibrary.lha                util/libs    40K  OS4  zlib core as a shared library for AmigaO

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