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17.Feb.2007 (Webseite)

Textanzeiger: EvenMore 0.63-16/2/07
Die neueste Version des Textanzeigers EvenMore beinhaltet folgende Änderungen:
  • Changed memory allocation commands to AmigaE specific ones, to see if this will fix the crashing people are experiencing. Let me know if this works
  • Also fixed a bug in the ASL and RT requesters, in which no file pattern was specified if not saved in the preferences
  • Fixed problem with preferences plugin again!
  • Fixed two very silly bugs. One in the Datatypes.plugin, which caused EvenMore to read past the end of a file
  • Another bug caused EvenMore to crash when changing the screenmode in the prefs plugin. Both plugins updated
  • Updated manual for Quickload executables

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