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27.Feb.2007 Uploads bis 26.02.2007
Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei
tunehvl_plug.lha     aud/pla   59kb  HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for Tun
tunempc_plug.lha     aud/pla   75kb  MusePack (.mpc) plugin for TuneNet
ahirecord.lha        aud/rec   58kb  Advanced AHI HD-Recorder
flac.lha             aud/rec    1Mb  Flac command line encoder/decoder
tide.lha             dev/ide  333kb  tiny C/C++ development environment
adplug.lha           dev/lib    3Mb  Plays heaps of PC music formats
gmp.lha              dev/lib  518kb  OS4 port of GMP (GNU Maths Package)
libmpcdec.lha        dev/lib  117kb  Musepack decoder library
sysvipc.lha          dev/lib  217kb  SystemV IPC implemementation for AmigaOS
vdappc.lha           dev/uti   29kb  A PowerPC disassembler.
wifisignal.lha       dri/uti   40kb  Wifi Signal Monitor for Prism2 cards.
funnymu.lha          emu/com    1Mb  A Whizzard, Funvision and Creativision e
exomizer.lha         emu/uti  506kb  A cruncher for 8-bit computers using 650
hhhorse.lha          gam/act    4Mb  Help Hannah's Horse - A cute one for the
ww2.lha              gam/boa    2Mb  World War II strategy war game
dzip.lha             gam/mis  216kb  (de)compresses NetQuake demo (.dem) file
qwdtools.lha         gam/mis  107kb  Convert QuakeWorld .qwd demo files to .m
nazghul.lha          gam/rol    2Mb  Ultima 5-like engine and the full game '
dreamdeal.lha        gam/str    1Mb  Dream Deal real estate game preview
nuvola.lha           gra/ico    9Mb  'Nuvola Icons' a Sys Rep. Icon Set with 
samuraivol1.lha      gra/ico    1Mb  'Samurai Set Vol. I' a PNG iconset. (64,
samuraivol2.lha      gra/ico    1Mb  'Samurai Set Vol. II' a PNG iconset. (64
asnuvola.lha         gra/the   55kb  'Nuvola' Icons for AmiStart
dvplayer-os4se.lha   gra/vie   84kb  The "OS4 SE" Skin for DvPlayer
libusb.lzx           lib/mis  129kb  libusb port for OS4
x11.lha              net/mis   83Mb  X11-R6.3 prerelease 3 for AmigaOS 4 (Cyg  off/wor    2Mb  Cinnamon Writer is a WYSIWYG editor
push4dock.lha        uti/doc  241kb  A Start Menu like Environment based on A   uti/fil  454kb  Icon Theme for Amidisk 1.05 +
ccd2iso.lha          uti/fil  119kb  CloneCD - CD image converter
diskmaster2.lha      uti/fil  257kb  DiskMaster2 for OS4
mountdos.lha         uti/har   48kb  MountDos V1.2.2 make mountlist PC harddr
duto_oscp.rexx       uti/scr    0kb  open active(s) icon(s) and close parent 
asciitable.lha       uti/tex   74kb  ASCIITable (Commodity)
amisnap_fx.lha       uti/wor   40kb  Iconify any window on your wb with FX
appmanager.lha       uti/wor  396kb  Application.library exchange clone
backdropicons.lha    uti/wor  219kb  Script to make icons for wb-backdrop ima
fuelgauge.lha        uti/wor   66kb  Volume gauge on WB
pixelruler.lha       uti/wor   51kb  A pixel ruler
wet.lha              uti/wor  578kb  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
mjpegtools.lha       vid/con    1Mb  MJPEG Tools
dvdauthor.lha        vid/med    1Mb  A simple set of tools to help you author
dvplayer-demo.lha    vid/pla  527kb  Video Player with skinnable GUI

[Meldung: 27. Feb. 2007, 05:02] [Kommentare: 1 - 28. Feb. 2007, 10:13]
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