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Amiga Future (Webseite)

OnyxSoft: Updates von AmigaAMP-Prefs, BackUp, MPlayer-GUI, MultiRen, ZoomIT
OnyxSoft hat fünf Programme aktualisiert: Das MUI-basierte Umbenennungsprogramm MultiRen, die grafische Benutzeroberfläche MPlayer-GUI, das Datensicherungsprogramm BackUp, den Voreinstellungseditor AmigaAMP-Prefs und die Lupe ZoomIT.

AmigaAMP-Prefs 1.25 - (68k)
  • Updated Italian and French catalog courtecy of S. Hawamdeh and Philippe Ferrucci respectively
  • Added some stack for OS4
  • Some minor fixes
BackUp 1.60 - (68k)
  • BackUp finally handles links correctly in all possible ways I could think of
  • Reimplemented the option to create emtpy skip directories
  • More thorough cleaning
  • And there is more
MPlayer-GUI 1.43 - (OS4)
  • Named the MPlayer process "MPlayer main process" instead of "[New Process]"
  • Added a few new video modes and removed some old
  • Also updated audio modes
  • Fixed the scroller in the Control Panel somewhat
MultiRen 1.65 - (68k)
  • Has plugin-support for MP3- and picture-renaming and more
  • Added the ability to see the total file size of all files; very useful when collecting many files from different directories to transfer to a limited storage such as a CD-R or MP3/USB stick to see that they fit
  • Fixed the custom textfile export a bit
  • Corrected and rewrote a couple of help bubbles, etc.
ZoomIT 0.3 (68k, x86-AROS, PPC-MorphOS, PPC-AmigaOS)
  • AmigaOS4 native version (Thanks to Daniel Westerberg)
  • Wheel mouse support when window is active (on AmigaOS, MorphOS-version allready had this option)
  • ARexx-support
  • New settings options like start the program iconified and quit-button = iconify
  • Option to select which color components to be included in the resulting output
  • Option for grey scale output
  • Option for inverted graphics
  • Smaller optimizations

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