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Ventzislav Tzvetkov (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Atari-Emulator Atari800 2.1.0
Atari800 emuliert die 8 Bit-Computer von Atari. Neu in Version 2.1.0:
  • added Axlon and Mosaic RAM expansions for Atari 400/800
  • added emulation of 1400XL, 1450XLD, MIO and Black Box
  • added support of .PRO copy-protected disk images
  • implemented tape loading with variable bitrates
  • implemented cassette writing via hardware registers
  • added switching between NTSC and PAL color palettes
  • event recording added (-record, -playback): save your game walkthrough using the "-record mygame.dat" and later impress your friends by your game skills or highest score using the "-playback mygame.dat"
  • NTSC Filter option added to UI
  • monitor supports arrow keys - e.g. up-arrow for history
  • fix for "Ilusia" demo
  • better GTIA bug mode emulation
  • POKEY sound: nonlinear mixing (not enabled by default), two-tone filter
  • fixed POKEY registers: ALLPOT, IRQEN and STIMER
  • various Atari5200 fixes
  • fixed Atrax cartridge bank switching
  • fixed sound recording to WAV
  • -showspeed fixed, now shows speed <= 100% correctly
  • major source code cleanup, compiles with -pedantic etc.
  • Save State: added support for Axlon and Mosaic (version increased to 5), fixed PBIM12 restoring, fixed PAGED_MEM error with POKEY, color palette restoring fixed

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