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Software-News bis 26.06.2009

Screenrecorder 1.0

Screenrecorder von Ilkka Lehtoranta zeichnet ein Video vom Inhalt des aktuellen Bildschirms auf. Das Programm steht für AmigaOS 3 und MorphOS zur Verfügung.

Youtube-Downloader: getVideo 0.18

Mit Jürgen Lucas' ARexx-Skript getVideo können Video-Clips von diversen Anbietern - darunter Youtube - auf Festplatte gespeichert oder mit einem Streaming-fähigen Player abgespielt werden. Änderungen in Version 0.18:
  • removed a bug in youtube playlist support
  • fixed a stupid bug in youtube support that leads to 404 error
  • add support for youtube HD video if available
  • improved google video support
  • little bit improved polylog support
  • add "Setup for OWB MorphOS" to this readme

IRC-Client: WookieChat 2.12 Beta 6

James 'jahc' Carroll stellt ein Update seines MUI-basierten IRC-Clients WookieChat (AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS, AROS) zur Verfügung. Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • Nickserv and auto-join strings are now initialised when a new server tab is created. So when you open a second server tab, and then connect to a second server using the /server command, you dont get "cant join ?????" junk (etc) once you've connected.
  • Added a sanity check to the Connect function, to handle weird errors caused by adding servers/groups to your list. But if it's somehow triggered again, it shouldnt crash.
  • When you join a channel in the root tab, with server tabs disabled, it will refresh the display. So joining a channel will now make the nicklist appear!
  • MorphOS version works again! I wasnt compiling AND linking with -noixemul, and it was causing weirdness. Graphical smileys, ASL requesters, and images in the MUI Settings window will all work now. (Thanks itix!)
  • Server messages are sent to the current tab now.. or if you're not viewing that particular server, its sent to the root tab
  • Made sure I dont set NList nicklist objects to quiet before adding entries if the NList object is not visible. I modified it wrongly a few betas ago to try and increase speed, and it seemed to cause a lockup every day or two.

Instant Messenger: SabreMSN 0.51

Ebenfalls von James 'jahc' Carroll stammt der MUI-basierte MSN-Messenger SabreMSN, der für AmigaOS 3/4 und AROS zur Verfügung steht. Die Änderungen in Version 0.51 sind dem Changelog zu entnehmen. (cg)

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