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Software-News bis 27.11.2009

Metacompiler: PortablE r5

Christopher Handleys Metacompiler PortablE übersetzt die Amiga-spezifische Programmiersprache E in andere Sprachen. Hierdurch sollen umfangreiche E-Programme in eine Form gebracht werden, die auf einer breiteren Basis von Plattformen kompilierbar ist. Unterstützt werden Windows, AmigaOS 3/4, AROS und seit neuestem auch MorphOS.

Änderungen in Version r5:
  • Experimental MorphOS support (for C++), including MOS executables! MUI seems to work
  • Modules provided by others for AHI, CD_Play, FreeDB, MPEGA & some MUI bits
  • PortablE is up to 65% faster than before
  • PortablE's memory usage has been halved! Now similar to GCC's
  • MUI programs with custom classes can now be compiled by AmiDevCpp for OS3
  • Added emulation of AmigaE's ! (floating-point) operator to the compatibility mode
  • FastNew is implemented using an enhanced TLSF algorithm, greatly reducing memory usage
  • Programs produced by PortablE run faster, and PEGCC produces smaller executables
  • Lists are now truely stack-allocated, rather than being dynamically faked
  • Implemented the missing string formatting codes (\l, \r, \z, [w] & (x,y)) for C++
  • For speed, multi-threading support is now disabled unless you use OPT MULTITHREADED
  • Directory scanning is now much more robust on Windows
  • Improved documentation; clickable links, added bold/etc & special characters now visible
  • More examples of portable code
  • Various bug fixes

Download-Tool: wget 1.12 für AmigaOS 3/4

Diego Casorran stellt neue Portierungen des Download-Tools wget zur Verfügung:
  • URLs in file's comments are now unescaped (eg: %7e -> ~)
  • For the first time, added an AmigaOS4 build.
  • Compiled using OpenSSL 1.0.0-beta4, download it from if you want SSL support in Wget - OS4 users need to have AmiSSL installed

Amiga Future: Neue Vollversionen online

Der Download-Bereich der Amiga Future-Webseite wurde wieder um weitere Titel ergänzt, darunter Vollversionen von Reflections 4 (CD-ISO), Football Glory, Andreas Stürmer MP3s und mehr. (cg)

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