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Michael C. Battilana (E-Mail)

Cloanto: Amiga Forever 2010.1.5.0 und C64 Forever 2010.1.5.0
Die jüngste Aktualisierung des Emulator-Komplettpakets Amiga Forever von Cloanto, 2010.1.5.0, ist als "Gold-Update" auch die neue Vorlage für die CDs des physischen Produkts. Behoben wurden Fehler die unter bestimmten Bedingungen zu Abstürzen führten sowie einer, der doppelte Einträge in den Inhaltslisten hervorrufen konnte. Darüber hinaus wurde die Arbeit mit RP9-Dateien von Drittanbietern ebenso verbessert wie die Algorithmen zur Thumbnail-Erstellung für die Vorschau.

Parallel wurde auch das Emulatorpaket C64 Forever aktualisiert. Nachfolgend lesen Sie die zugehörige Pressemitteilung.

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2010.1 Released

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever are the easy to use emulation, preservation and support packages published by Cloanto, Commodore/Amiga developers since the 1980s. Beyond nostalgia, the packages make accessible to a wide audience a wealth of content and history that is engaging yet casual, and which can still teach a few lessons in gameplay.

Features of the new 2010 versions include:
  • Support for new emulated systems (CDTV, CD32, Amiga 600)
  • Extended RetroPlatform Library (more than 20,000 titles) and content recognition code
  • Support for Open RP9 format (packs multiple disk images and configuration in one file)
  • CDTV/CD32 games run directly from original CD media, or from RP9 or ISO images
  • Integrated printing via original Amiga EpsonQ drivers (via emulated printer)
  • Optimizations for "power users" (content cache, performance, etc.)
  • Hundreds of improvements to make the software more powerful and easier to use
For the new CD and printing support we worked closely together with Toni Wilen, so a big thank you again goes to Toni for his help.

The latest versions of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever work side by side to play games directly from a variety of emulation sites, as well as from some types of original media. Content is recognized using the built-in RetroPlatform Library database, which helps identify and automatically start the correct hardware configuration (different PET/CBM models, VIC 20, C64, Amiga, etc.)

In addition to the hundreds of titles which come preinstalled with the software, tens of thousands of games and demoscene productions have been released by their authors for publication on preservation sites. And that's not just C64 or Amiga content, as you can try for yourself...

Some of our original favorites include a Space Invaders clone for the PET 3032 (only 7 KB, download or open to play directly with C64 Forever; scroll down to "space invaders.prg", right after the simpler PET 2001 version) and this Galaga clone (second from top - German page, but software is in English) written in 10 KB of pure machine language.

The above were written almost 30 years ago. With C64 Forever 2010 they can still be click-and-played today - no complex configuration or technical knowledge required. If a more modern system is preferred, Amiga Forever 2010 can recognize, autoconfigure and play most CDTV and CD32 titles (Commodore's Amiga-based game consoles). This includes both original media, and RP9, ISO and .bin/.cue CD image files.

The 2010 versions of Amiga Forever and C64 Forever had originally been released a few weeks ago, and were announced on private forums. Features like the new Open RP9 file format and CD support were so successful among emulation "power users" (who often have thousands of games and gigabytes of CD-based content), that we spent some more time to optimize the experience when the software is used under heavy load. The updated 2010.1 versions, released now and available as free updates to existing 2010 users, reflect this community feedback.

Amiga Forever and C64 Forever passed official Windows 7 logo tests on both x86 and x64 systems. For more information: RetroPlatform Project (snx)

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