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27.Jan.2014 (Webseite)

Screenshot-Utility: SnapIt 1.3 für AmigaOS 4, MorphOS und AROS
SnapIt wird vom Autor als "mächtiger Screengrabber" beworben. Die Änderungen in Version 1.3:
  • Double buffered preview mode -> less flicker when scaling the window...
  • Added an adjustable vertical bar to allow the GUI to predominantly be Screen/Window gadget list or Preview =)
  • Hotkey support (screen, window and free grab)
  • Fetch active window (via AREXX command) - grabactivewindow
  • Clicking on the preview image results in a new window with the unscaled image data as a preview
  • The position of the window list is now kept intact after a screen grab
  • Added "Save image as..." menu option
  • Cancel button in Settings actually works now =)
  • Small GUI adjustments (removed the option for Lasso Colour and more)
  • Added LASSOCOLOUR-tooltype for users who really want to be able to set this
  • Added an option to save an image automatically after capture
  • Small locale adjustments
  • Added Spanish translation by Dámaso Domínguez
  • Added German translation by Thomas Blatt
  • Added French translation by Guillaume Boesel

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