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MorphOS: E-Mail-Client Iris, Beta 24
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczeks "Iris" soll künftig der Standard-Mailer von MorphOS werden. Es unterstützt IMAP und kann HTML-Mails sowohl anzeigen als auch erstellen. Das Programm setzt MorphOS 3.10 voraus, für Feedback an den Autor kann die entsprechende Diskussion auf Morphzone genutzt werden. Änderungen seit unserer letzten Meldung:

Beta 24
  • Email viewer displays some basic error on failure now, instead of just showing the loading animation forever
  • Fixed: OAuth2 wouldn't always migrate to new settings correctly
  • Fixed: OAuth2 could never complete in some cases
  • Fixed: if the latest message in folder was removed on server, it was not removed from the local cache
Beta 23
  • Reworked job priority queue to avoid situations where one has to wait for email contents for too long
  • Folder full sync jobs can now be done in steps (unlocks email reading while syncing)
  • Fixed email counts in the folder tree for IMAP
  • Reworked autoconfiguration for OAuth2 providers
  • Added Yahoo! Mail OAuth2 provider (does NOT work at the moment)
  • Cut text (cmd+x) shortcut added to the email writer
  • Revamped transport security settings - now a switch between TLS, STARTTLS and opportunistic STARTTLS
  • When replying or forwarding mail, an appropriate flag on the source email is set
  • Fixed: quick folder synchornization would call Close on a fh twice if ChangeMode() failed
  • Fixed: Removing an account did not kill the entry from the settings list
  • Fixed: After an account was removed but not removed from the list, collecting properties for the non-existing account threw exceptions
  • Fixed: there was a rather nasty race condition in the main Session class
  • Fixed: after adding a message to a folder and synchronizing the folder, each time it was synchronized, the message would duplicate in the index
Download: iris.lha (22,3 MB) (cg)

[Meldung: 20. Apr. 2018, 23:47] [Kommentare: 1 - 22. Apr. 2018, 18:53]
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