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MorphOS: E-Mail-Client Iris, Betaversion 36
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczeks "Iris" soll künftig das Standard-E-Mail-Programm von MorphOS werden. Es unterstützt IMAP und kann HTML-E-Mails sowohl anzeigen als auch erstellen. Das Programm setzt MorphOS 3.10 voraus, für Rückmeldungen an den Autor kann die entsprechende Morphzone-Diskussion zum Thema genutzt werden.

Änderungen seit unserer letzten Meldung:
  • Beta36:
    • Added a context menu to the messages list
  • Beta35:
    • Fixed the HTTP header in the OAuth2 server
    • Drafts can now be saved even with an empty To address
    • Added a nice animation when configuring an account
  • Beta34:
    • Drafts in Outgoing Messages
    • Fixed deleting messages from Outgoing Messages folder
    • Fixed viewing attachments in Outgoing Messages
    • Fixed Outgoing Messages' folder message count updates
    • Fixed a case where the writer type setting wasn't respected
    • Editor's Send/Save buttons ghosted until attachments are ready
    • Deleted emails get unloaded from viewer
  • Beta33:
    • Fixed empty email view windows in 2 column mode
    • Removed some stray unconditional debug
  • Beta32:
    • Fixed some refresh/sorting related issues post layout change
    • Fixed keyboard navigation in the email list
  • Beta31:
    • Main window layout settings
    • It's now possible to use Scintilla as the text viewer and editor
    • Corrected tab (de)activation of the email editor
    • Folder synchronization: faster synchronization in case remote emails were added and then deleted by another client inbetween Iris synchronizations
    • Better error handling in Outgoing Manager w/ extra log messages
  • Beta30:
    • Fixed some folder synchronization issues that broke in b29
  • Beta29:
    • An Outgoing Manager w/ Outgoing Folder where emails are serialized before they are transported via SMTP. Handles synchronization to IMAP Drafts/Sent and will figure out on its own whether an accounts SMTP auto-uploads emails to IMAP Sent folder or not
  • Beta28:
    • Fixed: quoted-printable decoder did not handle several edge cases and non-standard encodings right
Download: iris.lha (23 MB) (cg)

[Meldung: 17. Aug. 2018, 21:36] [Kommentare: 1 - 18. Aug. 2018, 16:23]
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