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Amiga Bootblock Reader 3.00 (Windows)
Jason Smiths "Amiga Bootblock Reader" dient der Erkennung, Analyse und Extrahierung von Amiga-Bootblocks aus ADF-Images. Das Windows-Programm erkennt 1716 verschiedene Bootblocks und kann Disk-Images in WinUAE oder FS-UAE starten.

Änderungen in der neuen Version:
  • now recognises 1716 Bootblocks
  • Newly redesigned interface (mostly)
  • Lots of little changes all over the place
  • Includes boot pictures for many of the recognised bootblocks
  • Can now use WinUAE / FS-UAE from any location
  • Program uses PNGs generated by WinUAE screenshot function (You can create your own if needed)
  • Fixed Amiga emulator setting defaulting to WinUAE
  • It seems i broke .ZIP handling (containing ADF's) - fixed
  • Fix: When ABR found a ADF file, the 'Boot Disk' button wasn't enabling for some reason
Bekannte Probleme:
  • If you add a String search that the program doesn't like it will refuse to scan correctly afterwards. Your string search contains a character that causes the scan routine to break, you will need to edit the search.brainfile file in a text editor and remove the offending line. (No blank lines)
  • While i have endeavoured to make the scanning as accurate as i can, in some cases there will be some inaccurate detection

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