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Entwickler-Tool: vasm 1.9a
Frank Wille hat ein Update auf die Version 1.9a für den modularen Assembler vasm veröffentlicht. Unterstützt werden AmigaOS 3, 4 und MorphOS. Die Änderungen:
  • Reads the input from stdin when no source file name is given.
  • Small performance improvements. Tuned hash table sizes. Reduced memory allocations and deallocations.
  • Do not ignore the path from the main source when looking for a file.
  • Can build low-memory version of vasm with minimal hash tables, by compiling with -DLOWMEM.
  • Do not allow exporting equates which are based on imported symbols.
  • Search for include files in the current work directory first, then in the compile directory.
  • New option -maxpasses to adjust the maximum number of passes while resolving a section.
  • New option -nocompdir to disable compile directory based include file lookup completely.
  • New option -v to print version and copyright.
  • m68k: -no-opt option really ovrrides all "opt o" and "opt a" directives from the source now.
  • m68k: Fixed 68030/68851 PMOVE issue with TC and MMUSR, caused by a conflict with MOVEC control registers of the same name.
  • m68k: New Apollo instructions DBcc.L and MOVE2.
  • m68k: Fixed Apollo MOVE immediate addressing mode to vector register.
  • m68k: Fixed Apollo SUBI banked instruction (one word missing).
  • m68k: Added Apollo banking prefix support for MOVE.L Bn, and MOVE.L ,Bn.
  • m68k: Apollo LSLQ and LSRQ default to a .W operation size when missing. The remaining AMMX instructions should be .Q.
  • m68k: Make sure AMMX 64-bit constants are parsed with full precision.
  • m68k: Added missing Apollo FMOVE addressing modes.
  • 6502: Added support for the WDC 65816 and 65802 8/16 bits instruction set, including some new directives for selecting Accumulator and Index width.
  • z80: Fix for GBZ80 "ld (c),a" and "ld a,(c)".
  • mot-syntax: ASSERT directive.
  • mot-syntax: macro arguments within <..> allow additional '>' characters inside a string without terminating the argument (vasm default mode only, not for Devpac-compatibility).
  • std-syntax: New option -gas for stricter GNU-as compatibility.
  • std-syntax: Supports one-digit temporary labels, where the nearest previous label may be referenced by Nb and the nearest following by Nf.
  • oldstyle-syntax: New directives SYMDEPEND and NEEDS. They define a dependency of the current section from an external symbol, which must be resolved by the linker.
  • oldstyle-syntax: Anonymous labels may be defined with a single ':' and referenced by ':+' or ':-'.
  • hunk-output: Converts NONE-relocs to 8-bit ABS with a warning.
  • hunk-output: Improved short-reloc output and work around AmigaOS LoadSeg() limitations/bugs.
  • o65-output: Check bad addends for 8-bit relocations.

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