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Amiga-Emulator: Amiberry 5.6.0
Amiberry ist ein Amiga-Emulator für ARM-basierte Ein-Chip-Systeme wie den Raspberry Pi, das Odroid XU4 oder das Tinkerboard von ASUS, der einige neu entwickelte Eigenschaften wie einen "WHDLoad-Booter" oder die Unterstützung für Controller-Konfiguration mittels RetroArch mitbringt und zum Beispiel in der Workbench-Distribution AmiKit für den Raspberry Pi 4/400 zum Einsatz kommt.

Vor wenigen Augenblicken wurde die Version 5.6.0 mit folgenden Änderungen veröffentlicht:

  • Fix "default" button setting not fully enabling CD32 pad mode when CD32 was configured.
  • Detection of hotplug controllers didn't work after 5.4
  • Restart would cause crashes sometimes
  • fixed controller axis should be separate from joystick axis handling
  • memory pattern would cause graphics glitches in some cases
  • virtual keyboard now works with CD32 mode as well
  • fixed crash if something triggered a CPU HALT3
  • fixed various compiler warnings
  • revert custom, blitter and drawing to WinUAE 4.4.0 standard
  • 50Hz scroll was not smooth
  • improve scrolling smoothness under 50Hz
  • Don't use SDL_Quit until we actually quit Amiberry
  • Implemented On-Screen Virtual Keyboard
  • Added VKBD default toggle key
  • added VKBD retroarch mapping support
  • updated game controllers db to latest version
  • Clean up filesystem and bsdsocket emulation earlier.
  • cherry picked recent updates from dev
  • add SDL2 version in logfile
  • Rewrite Serial port support, using libserialport - this also adds a new build requirement
  • Disk - Check raw write buffer index, removed debugging.
  • refactored input event handling to minimize latency
  • removed unreachable code
  • decrease mouse map sensitivity on joystick handling
  • added more logging during retroarch event handling
  • refactored controller input logic
  • refactored atomic operations, moved byteswap functions
  • added new default options in amiberry.conf
  • GUI improvements
  • added Warp reset option in Misc Panel
  • implemented turbo boot option
  • added 1024x600 RTG resolution
  • minimize diffs from dev branch
  • allow on-the-fly change of virtual mouse driver
  • add RK3588 platform in Makefile
  • increased width of dropdowns in Input Panel
  • minor speedup improvements after recent changes
  • a few more minor speed optimizations
  • automatically center GUI window when opening
  • Updated WHDLoad XML to latest version
Build System
  • renamed zip archive from ubuntu to debian
  • trigger builds on dev branch and pull requests also
  • add automated builds for RK3399 Manjaro platform
  • added missing parser.cpp in Android and CMakeLists
  • switch from Docker to self-hosted builds again
  • added missing Virtual Keyboard file in CMakeLists also

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