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Analogue Pocket: Amiga-Core V0.1.1
Die Handheld-Spielkonsole Analogue Pocket (Wikipedia) ist FPGA-basiert und unterstützt als solche Module von Nintendo, Sega, der PC Engine oder des Atari Lynx. Vom Amiga-Core wurde nun die Version 0.1.1 veröffentlicht. Änderungen:
  • Created a Settings file for the Pocket so new installs over old configurations will get replaced
  • Updated readme
  • Hard Drive support for the Pocket
  • Proper 640x400/200 video outputs work!
  • Write to floppy images
  • More memory for the fast memory locations and tested working correctly.
  • Larger memory footprint for the MPU to hold all this awesomeness!!! 128KBYTE OF POWER!
  • A OSD Keyboard on the pocket when you are playing on pocket mode.
  • Null modem support using a Gameboy serial cable between two pockets! This could also open up Midi support.
  • Also a emulated mouse on a analogue joystick in docked mode (This is the left thumb stick and the left and right triggers for the mouse clicks)

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