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Plattformer: "Boxx"-Remake V1.0
Der Entwickler 'Lemming880' arbeitet zur Zeit am vierten Teil seiner mit der Scorpion Engine entwickelten "Boxx"-Serie ( berichtete). Parallel portiert er ebenso den ursprünglich mit Backbone geschriebenen ersten Teil der Serie auf die Scorpion Engine ( berichtete). Das jüngste Update auf die Version 1.0 liefert die folgenden Änderungen:
  • Upgraded to Scorpion Engine v2023.2
  • added bounce blocks to normal and hard mode
  • added more cannons
  • easy mode gives 3 hearts, normal mode 2 hearts, hard mode 1 heart
  • boss now flashes when hit by player projectile
  • boss has a different health pool per difficulty mode
  • boss overlapping player does a bit more damage on hard mode
  • boss phase 3 now turns towards the player when the player is 'in sight'. But the boss only does it again after it has been off screen. Alarm lights indicate if the boss will turn around or not: red = turns around, green = keeps walking
  • boss phase 3 walks faster on hard mode
  • boss phase 3 shoots on hard mode
  • player jumps a little higher (like 3 pixels)
  • fixed enemy damage: right side did half damage of left side
  • hearts image in top bar updated
  • some levers now spawn a bomb on hard mode instead of nothing
  • made some level ends a bit longer
  • coin drop animation a bit longer
  • bonus heart and all energy potions now also have a drop animation
  • menu, game over and outro music volume lower before it starts playing (before it would start louder and then fade)
  • menu boxx logo pixel ratio fix
  • menu font fixes
  • jukeboxx and credits now have the right coin button
  • performance mode replaced with boss flash option
  • top panel boxx logo replaced
  • top panel difficulty icon added
  • plain scorpion splash screen
  • added workbench icon to hard disk version
  • menu 'beta' text removed
Minimalanforderung ist ein Amiga 500 mit 1MB RAM. (dr)

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