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Mod-Player: HippoPlayer 2.59
Kari-Pekka Koljonen, der Entwickler des Amiga-MOD-Players HippoPlayer, hat ein Update auf die Version 2.59 veröffentlicht. Änderungen:

  • Patternscope and AHX modules: Fix bug which caused track 0 sometimes not being displayed.
  • Info window: Fix PSID song speed information sometimes showing wrong values.
  • Prevent jam when receiving no results from recent stations search.
  • Allow MS-DOS line changes in playlist/module program files.
  • Info window: Allow mousewheel to work with scrolling the content.
  • Commandline parameters: If started with "QUIT" and there is no existing HiP instance running, do not start a new one.
  • Keep list on exit: when starting HiP with commandline/icon modules as parameters do not lose the kept list, instead append to the end.
New features:
  • Scopes: When paused display the paused contents instead of the Hippo gfx.
  • MED/OctaMED: Display song length and channel count for multichannel modules.
  • Patternscope now supports MED and OctaMED modules, up to 18 channels visible. "mini4" font is needed to display more than 8 channels as before.
  • STIL support added for use with the High Voltage Sid Collection.
  • PSID improvements with the updated playsid.library v1.6:
    • SIDBlaster support upgraded by Erique, now faster and much less likely to cause jams. A 68020 should be enough for normal playback, previously a faster CPU was needed.
    • reSID mode now supports playsid-style digisamples, as heard for example in tunes like "Skate Or Die" and "Arkanoid".
    • "Prefs/Play-2/reSID boost" can be used to boost the volume in reSID mode.
    • The library also now works on kickstart 1.3 in the original playback mode, no need to have a separate kick1.3 lib version.
    • Improved configuration with environment variables, if not using with Hippo.
  • MIDI file playback support:
    • "Prefs/Play-2/MIDI mode" setting chooses which mode is active.
    • Serial output mode using Alastair M. Robinson's "delimidi" player. This will use MIDI equipment connected to the serial port for playing.
    • Paula/AHI output mode using either Timidity Amiga port by Philipp Grosswiler or GMPlay by Christian Buchner.
    • Scopes, song end detection, AHI output supported.
  • Console music playback support using the "vgm2wav" application

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