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Bildbearbeitung: RNOEffects 2.0 für alle Amiga-Systeme
Entwickler 'jPV^RNO' hat RNOEffects aus der Familie seiner RNO-Anwendungen auf die Version 2.0 aktualisiert. RNOEffects ist ein einfaches Bildbearbeitungsprogramm mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Stapelkonvertierungsoptionen und Alphakanal-basierten Effekten. Highlights des Updates sind das Pixel-Editor-Werkzeug und das Speichern von Bildern im Palettenmodus (YouTube-Video). Die vollständigen Änderungen:
  • Added the "Pixel editor" tool with configurable pixel drawing options for left, middle, and right mouse buttons
  • Added the "Color picker" tool to show colour information under the mouse pointer and to pick and store multiple colour values temporarily
  • Added the "Area selector" tool which can be used to apply certain effects on a limited area of an image
  • Added the "Toolbox" tool to reduce pull-down menu use
  • Added support for saving images in the palette mode (1-8 bits), optionally with 16 pre-defined palettes including the MagicWB palette
  • Palettes can be saved in IFF ILBM, RGB32, LoadRGB4, and LoadRGB32 formats
  • Palette images can be saved as chunky data
  • Chunky image data and separate palettes can be saved as a C source code
  • Added an option to use an opacity map to apply an effect partially on an image (works with Blur, Contrast, Draw/Brush, Gamma, Modulate, Monochrome, and Tint effects)
  • Added "Chroma key" and "Luma key" effects to make colour ranges transparent
  • Batch converted images can be saved as a video
  • Added MagicWB support for the icon saving
  • Added information about the program state in the window title
  • Added Undo button on effects' windows
  • Function key shortcuts can be used to save images in several formats
  • Added an option to swap the main image with the buffer image
  • The Opacity map effect can use the buffer image as an opacity map
  • Added an option to invert the Opacity map effect
  • Added opacity map examples in the OpacityMaps directory
  • Renamed the "Reduce alpha" effect to "Alter alpha" and added an option to remove the whole alpha channel from an image
  • Background images can be centered in the Background effect
  • Added an option to clear the current image
  • Undo buffer wasn't initialised when loading an image at startup
  • Fixed colour picking with scaled images
  • Fixed Charcoal and Edge effects for images with transparency
  • Better window resizing when loading images
  • Skip arrow key operations if a command key is pressed simultaneously so as not to affect mouse pointer control via the keyboard
  • Arranged effects in an ordered format in the menu - into categories
  • Included JPEG2000, PCX, and TIFF plugins
  • Added support for saving images in JPEG2000 and TIFF formats
  • Select specific image/state to load of icon with multiple images
  • Added a setting to load icon properties and use them in icon saving options
  • Files can be drag'n'dropped into a batch conversion file list
  • Tool windows open at startup if they were open when settings saved
  • Other minor fixes
RNOEffects ist für alle Amiga-Systeme im Aminet verfügbar. (dr)

[Meldung: 22. Jan. 2024, 22:12] [Kommentare: 1 - 23. Jan. 2024, 21:44]
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