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14.-16.02.20 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Thursday, 14. Jul. 2005Comments / Date
WHDLoad: New Version of trackwarp.library, Support of IPF Images0
Emulation:First Preview of the AmiKit Complete System0
MorphOS: Alpha-Version von MUI 40
AmigaOS4: Smart File System 1.2460
 Wednesday, 13. Jul. 2005 
AmigaOS4: Native pdalink.library for communikation with PalmOS PDAs114. Jul. 21:06
Internet client: cURL 7.14.00
WHD-Load: Support for Starglider 2 improved0
Pegasos: Live-CD "Ga" with 111 games available via Torrent0
AmigaOne: Linux distribution Yellow Dog 3 available at IntuitionBase0
New "adtools" project forces development on GCC, GDB, binutils etc.0
MorphOS: Debugger Sashimi 1.7 ported0
NewGUI 1.4.5: New beta version0
The Legacy: Game museum updates0
game data base: with many updates0
Amiga game data base: Hall of Light with many updates0
AOG: New game in the data base0
Event: Amiga demo party GREP 2005 in Lunden (Sweden)0
Event: Photos from the Codex Alpe Adria 2005 (Update 2)0
File system: SmartFileSystem 1.2450
 Tuesday, 12. Jul. 2005 
Genesi: ODW at - Direct access via the Internet0
Strategy-game: News about "Schlachtfeld Phase 2"0
Photos / AmigaOS 4 presentation at the NASS'embly0
Emulation: More preview screen shots of AmigaSYS 30
SoftLogic (Pagestream) celebrates 20th anniversary0
 Saturday, 09. Jul. 2005 
AHT: Work-in-progress pictures of the graphics card daVinci0
Demo scene: "Feels good!" by DCS as AVI file0
 Friday, 08. Jul. 2005 
AmigaOS4: Webserver Apache with PHP5 support0
Pegasos posters available0
PegXMac: IRC-channel installed0
Tutorial: Build Amiga GCC 3.3.3 Cross Compiler for Linux or Windows0
AmigaRemix: New tracks added0
AmigaOS4: Support of ESI Juli@ soundcards0
MorphOS: D2A-Patch integrates Magellan-Lister to Ambient0
 Thursday, 07. Jul. 2005 
Terra Soft "value-added reseller" for the Genesi's Open Desktop Workstation0
 Wednesday, 06. Jul. 2005 
Inofficial G-Rex homepage available in English0
GTK-MUI wrapper: More demos released0
Event: Boinged in Belgium - Getting there, staying there0
Emulator: PSP-UAE 0.31 for the Playstation Portable0
AmigaOS 4: Tutorial how to develop USB driver for OS40
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Individual Computers: Pictures of cooling system of ACA1260 (16. Nov.)
Free USB adapter for input device: HID2AMI (16. Nov.)
USB interface for reading and writing floppy disks on PC: Greaseweazle (16. Nov.)
Hardware extension: "A314" adds internal Raspberry Pi to A500 (15. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4: Arena shooter 'Blastaway' (12. Nov.)
Commercial puzzle game: Vegetables Deluxe (09. Nov.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 141 (06. Nov.)
Vampire team distributed pirated software during 'Vampire Standalone' launch (04. Nov.)
Announcement: New FPGA Amiga implementation M5 (03. Nov.)
Acquisition of Amiga: Summary of Mike Battilana's speech at Amiga34 (Update) (01. Nov.)
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