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08.Feb.2010 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Several game ports (update)
During the last months "SixK" has ported some SDL-based, open-source games to MorphOS:

Round based strategy: Free Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Free Heroes of Might and Magic 2 is a reimplementation of the first two parts of the fantasy series Heroes of Might and Magic (screenshots: 1, 2). The files of the original, commercial version are required.

Download: fheroes-src-r1410_mos.tar.gz (2,8 MB)

Action role playing game: FreedroidRPG 0.13rc2

FreedroidRPG is an action roleplaying game similar to Diablo (screenshots: 1, 2). The MorphOS-archive contains two versions: freedroidRPG_opengl uses the graphic-hardware for displaying it. Because of the limitations of the MorphOS-port of OpenGL there can be some problems.

Download: freedroidrpg-0.13rc2_mos.tar.gz (133 MB)

Arcade-Puzzler: Pushover 0.0.2

Pushover is a remake of an old commercial Amiga game (screenshot).

Download: pushover-0.0.2_mos.tar.gz (40 MB)

Lemmings-clone: Pingus 0.7.2

Pingus is a clone of the Amiga classic Lemmings (screenshot). The MorphOS-archive should not be extract with untgz because this program does not create some empty folders required by the game. The MorphOS-version does still not include any compiler optimizations.

Download: pingus_0.7.2_mos.tar.gz (13 MB)

Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid 1.14

Blob Wars is a 2D-platform game (screenshots: 1, 2).

Update: Herbert "HAK" Klackl has ported the latest version 1.14 and published it here.

Project: Starfighter 1.1.0

Project Starfighter is a traditional Shoot'em Up (screenshots: 1, 2).

Download: starfighter-1.1_mos.tar.gz (3 MB)

Powermanga 0.90

Powermanga is a 2D Shoot'em Up similar to "Deluxe Galaga". The game offers 41 levels, more than 200 sprites and supports the resolutions 320x200 or 640x400.

Download: powermanga-0.90.tar.gz (11 MB)

Zelda: Oni Link Begins

Zelda: Oni Link Begins is a remake of Nintendo's well-known action adventure Legend of Zelda (screenshots: 1, 2).

Download: ZeldaOLB-src-morphos.tar.gz (17 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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