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15.08.20 • Interface XXVII • Kiel (Germany)
24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Friday, 20. Sep. 2002Comments / Date
New MasonIcons0
Start menu: AmiStart version 0.63 and new website0
Event: Timetable of AONE Gothenburg 20020
PageStream also for AmigaOS 4 and Amithlon?0
Bars&Pipes-developers left Microsoft0
Event: New exhibitors on the Pianeta Amiga 20020
MorphOS-pics-message deleted228. Sep. 19:08
First GUI of the Ogg-Vorbisplayer0
Apple, IBM Team on 64-Bit CPU121. Sep. 05:50
 Thursday, 19. Sep. 2002 
We're Being Watched - Scientific Paper on the Computer Scene!0
Demo Scene: Norwegian Kindergarden Party Takes Place!0
New Musical Pieces at Moods!0
Amiga Future: Two Test Reports Online0
 Wednesday, 18. Sep. 2002 
PD game announcement at the AFP party0
Elbox: SharkPPC G3/G4 and SharkPPC+ G3/G40
Merlancia Clarifies Question on Legal Status0
Event: Petro Tytschtschenko Host at the C= Show0
Game: e.p.i.c. interactive ships Software Tycoon for the Amiga0
 Tuesday, 17. Sep. 2002 
Pictures from many Amiga shows0
Elbox: Photos from O.A.S.E. 2002 (Update)0
CDTV-Clockport-Interface for A500/A1000/A2000/CDTV0
AF: Interview with Titan Computer0
 Monday, 16. Sep. 2002 
AF: New tradeguide & Clubguide update0
Event: WOASE 2002 - Update0
IOSPIRIT: 3 Software-updates0
John Chandler: Something for Everyone0
Filemanager: DiskMaster 2.5RC50
Event: AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event0
 Sunday, 15. Sep. 2002 
MorphOS: AFUA converted into ASUM0
WWW browser: Path-Amiga V0.60
Music: Tim Wright on the Web (Psygnosis' domestic composer)217. Sep. 13:05
Amiga Arena: 'FileX' source code available0 The Citadel, Erben der Erde, Fears a.o.t.0
Event: MicroMart Computer Fair 21st-22nd Sep 20020
AmiDog: AMP movie player beta version 0209140
AROS: Boot menu, font prefs for Zune0
Event: Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002116. Sep. 03:41
Event: O.A.S.E. live web cam via USB0
Event: Metroplex Commodore Computer Club on 19th Oct 20020
Workbench: Scalos Beta V40.220
Music: Games soundtracks 'Immortal 2'0
Tool: SpringMaus V0.8 (dual monitor operation)0
MorphOS: Ambient screen shots (update)0
 Saturday, 14. Sep. 2002 
CD recording software: MakeCD 3.2 beta 10 released0
Audio: Ogg-Vorbis encoder/decoder for Amiga0
Statement by Bernd Meyer regarding the upcoming AmithlonXL package216. Sep. 03:43
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Desktop Publishing: RNO Publisher for all Amiga systems (30. Jul.)
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Jump'n Run: "Fred's Journey" now also available as a Boxed Edition (13. Jul.)
Individual Computers: New power supply units can be preordered (06. Jul.)
Individual Computers: Indivision AGA Mk3 can be pre-ordered (04. Jul.)
Company history: Commodore's involvement in a financial scandal in 1965 (01. Jul.)
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