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 Saturday, 03. Jan. 2004Comments / Date
OS4: Screenshots of a "Wolfenstein" port705. Jan. 14:50
MorphOS: GUI for MLDonkey available0
Some details about the OS4 SDK0
DENIC: Ten years of domain administration0
Graphics: SView5 v1.40 released0
Music: New track on the Psyria homepage0
 Friday, 02. Jan. 2004 
Virus Help Denmark celebrates 10th anniversary0
Found: A MP3-player made by "Commodore"0
Online magazine NoCover: Issue 118 published0
VHT: Website accessable again0
GamePark32: Handheld with adapted ScummVM-version0
 Thursday, 01. Jan. 2004 
Mai Logic: News regarding PPC 970 support103. Jan. 17:43
Amiga Games Hit Parade: Results 20030
New Year's greetings from Elbox0
Amiga Update Newsletter from Brad Webb #0312310
Computerwoche: BIOS Successor EFI Advances103. Jan. 17:46
AmigaMARK: Pegasos II Module Available0
Anachronism Industries: Previously Announced Firm Will Not Serve Amiga Market0
Famous Amiga Uses updated303. Jan. 17:39
 Wednesday, 31. Dec. 2003 
PPCNUX: Summary of Alan Redhouse's Bath speech106. Jan. 21:35
GS8gui - GUI for Ghostscript8 published0
bplan interview from September available online now0
"Big Book of Amiga Hardware" temporally offline0
Next "Club Amiga Magazine" in February0
Commodity: "MasterControlProgram" (MCP) v1.430
MorphZone: Update of the MWD (Morph Web Directory)0
Spontaneous Combustion: New Video Effects from DiscreetFX131. Dec. 11:27
USB stack: News from "Poseidon"0
 Tuesday, 30. Dec. 2003 
IRCNews: show Amiga News in AmIRC0
Music: Liquid Skies records #0630
AmigaClub SH: User-/Hardware meeting 1-20040
Pegasos II: Benchmark results for the 68k emulation (Update)401. Jan. 07:26
 Monday, 29. Dec. 2003 
Video/Audio-clips of a speech by Alan Redhouse' in Bath110. Jan. 05:50
Homebanking: compatibility list for Amiga-Browser0
Mr. Hardware publishes photos of the Micro-A1104. Jan. 01:52
Server-move of Virus Help Team0
Pegasos II: Urgent Firmware update necessary! (Update)129. Dec. 16:22
Emulator: Future of A/NES CGX uncertain201. Jan. 07:29
Source code of 2D-Adventures "Patrimonium" now freely available0
Short software news (29.12.2003) (Update)0
 Saturday, 27. Dec. 2003 
Pegasos 2: First user report0
Anniversary: Russian AIC online for four years0
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 Latest Top-News
Emulator: WinUAE 4.9.0 (06. Dec.)
Cloanto: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 9 "R2" (27. Nov.)
MorphOS: E-Mail-Programm Iris 1.0 (23. Nov.)
Ben Hermans listed as Hyperion's director again (05. Nov.)
Print magazine: Amiga Future, issue 153 (05. Nov.)
AmigaOS 4.1: DvPlayer V54.7 released (01. Nov.)
Product announcement: 7-bit accelerator board 'Wicher 520EC' for Amiga 500/500+ (31. Oct.)
Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 4.11 (AmigaOS 3/4) (31. Oct.)
Trademark protection: Cloanto withdraws opposition against Intellivision's Amico (31. Oct.)
Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.9.2 (31. Oct.)
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