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15.08.20 • Interface XXVII • Kiel (Germany)
24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Friday, 19. Apr. 2002Comments / Date
Instant-Messenger: STRICQ 2.80
Route planner: AmiAtlas update in progress0
Elbox: NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 controller0
Amiga Demo Archive with new design0
e.p.i.c. interactive announces Software Tycoon for MorphOS and Amiga0
Golem: Metrowerks delivers CodeWarrior for Tao Intent Media Platform0
Amiga users meeting in Hannoversch Münden on 20.04.20020
 Thursday, 18. Apr. 2002 
Interview with Thendic France and Petro Tyschtschenko0
3CaDo: Extraction, Preparation and Creation of Video-, Audio- und Data-CDRs0
Print Magazine: AMIGA-Magazin 05/2002 - Sample Reading Online0
VGR: New CyberGraphX V4 Update0
GFX-BASE: Interview with Thomas Rapp0
Amithlon: Change to the FAQ-page of Bernd Meyer520. Apr. 13:34
Music: New Songs from Psyria0
TOMORROW: Amiga: the Friend of the Player0
Zaurus Community: New Fan-Portal for the Sharp Zaurus SL5500D0
 Wednesday, 17. Apr. 2002 
Commentary: The long night of comments - Chris Hodges119. Apr. 19:30
ControlTV beta 0.1 for Mediator0
AMIGAplus: AmigaAnywhere-list updated0
Amiforce celebrates 1st birthday0
E-Zine: Obligement 32 is now out0
 Tuesday, 16. Apr. 2002 
Tool: Report+ Version 5.40
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 16.04.2002) (Update)0
AmigaOne mentioned in the newspaper "Hamburger Morgenpost"0
Eyetech CEO Clarifies AmigaOne/OS4.0 Announcement117. Apr. 07:47
Starfox: Many old Amiga games for free download now...0
Digital cameras on the Amiga0
FOM: New CDs - Games, demos, mods, photos, music0
 Monday, 15. Apr. 2002 
Software update for VarIO0
Thendic France: A statement about the future (Update)0
Update: GoldED Syntaxparser for HTML, PHP and many more Version 3.60
Emulator: Slowdown-Bugfix for WinUAE 0.8.21 R30
 Sunday, 14. Apr. 2002 
Icons: MasonIcons - muiMI, AmiSDMI, EZPagerMI, strICQMI0
IRC: BenderIRC V1.4b0
USB: More busboards with HIGHWAY checked0
AudioLabs: DSPSpeed benchmarking results for Athlon XP 2000+0
Programming language: PowerD V0.19 alpha 60
MP3: New robes (skins) for Prayer 20
Pagan Games: Mailing list for announcements0
Instant Messenger: STRICQ-GUI (ReAction) Beta20
USB Poseidon: PPC driver for MorphOS0
AmigaOSXL: Experiences with the H&P Big-Tower 1800+ (Update)0
Ben Hermans Tries to Clarify AmigaONE ROM / OS4 Announcement0
Demo group: Creative Minds announces web site0
 Saturday, 13. Apr. 2002 
Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.21 release 3 by Toni Wilen0
EZP@gerNG v2.1 released0
INET DIAL v3.850 released - supports PDAs and PCs on LAN0
New IRC client: BenderIRC version 1.40
Printed Pagestream Manual Survey0
New poll: What are you using the Internet mainly for?0
Scene: new Polish Amiga Scene group - G.F.A.0
New area: applications for CDTV/CD³²0
GetBoinged: Interview with Kaliko0
Amiga Inc.: Executive Update - Amiga Status Announcement0
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