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15.-16.10.22 • Amiga37 • Mönchengladbach (Germany)
20.-24.10.22 • AmiWest 2022• Sacramento, USA
04.-06.11.22 • Amiga-Meeting Nord • Neumünster (Germany)

 Thursday, 08. Jul. 2004Comments / Date
MorphOS: ColdRebootPatch0
Die Zeit Web-Magazine: Cool Computer Art0
BBoAH Chat-Radio Session0 New Test Reports, Articles and Kult Packages0
Garry Hare (KMOS) to Speak at Summer Breakout 2004110. Jan. 18:10
New Law Forbids the Sending of Spam Mail0
Punishment for ex-Metabox CEO Domeyer0
Convention: Fun Of Computing 20040
Emulator: MAME V0.84 for MorphOS0
Golem: Googles Against Google0
WHDLoad: New Packets through 8th July, 20040
New APC&TCP Newsletter0
 Wednesday, 07. Jul. 2004 
Queens Amiga User Group: Website updated, "CD32 Video Editing Station"0
New Amiga dealer - handle with care0 Magazine: Spare issues of the pilot still available0
Fileshare game: Secrecy0
 Tuesday, 06. Jul. 2004 
AROS: New ata.device finished0
Event: NASS IV (France)0
WinUAE 0.9.90 announced0
 Monday, 05. Jul. 2004 
AmigaOS 4: ClicketyFlip and CPUClock0
Script based demo creator: Karate-Fighter 1.0109. Jul. 11:17
Music: Liquid Skies records #0740
 Saturday, 03. Jul. 2004 
Electronic television magazine: TView 1.3.160
Pegasos: Boot Creator v0.60
News reader: Newscoaster hosted by Sourceforge.net0
New screenshots of the Tales of Tamar 3D map0
Audio player: Streamer 2.09 (beta)0
Amiga Alpe Adria: webcam and first photos0
PPaint: Version 7.1c now with GIF support on Aminet0
Hardware "hack": Prometheus in desktop case0
 Friday, 02. Jul. 2004 
UAE: "AmiRun" directly starts an application instead of Workbench0
Found: Chinese AOne-product0
Apple: New iMacs still not there - old ones not available any longer0
Canon gives away digital photo-prints0
Pegasos Presentation to be held on Spanish technology fair0
OS4Depot: Last week's uploads0
 Thursday, 01. Jul. 2004 
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX: More free keyfiles0
Elbox: Summer promotion with temperature-dependent discounts0
Pegasos: Linux Distribution MontaVista 3.0 Professional Adapted (Update)0
Emulators: Beta Testers Sought for WinFellow0
Demo Scene: Results and Demos from Solskogen 20040
Golem: Commodore VC-20 Celebrates Resurrection - as MP3 Player0
WarpDT-Series for AmigaOS 4.0, WarpPCX v45.2 and More0
Backup Software: Back-It-All-Up v9.70
Amiga Update Newsletter #040630 from Brad Webb0
MorphOS-Skin: Sky0
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 Latest Top-News
DTP: Pagestream 5.1.2 update for Windows and MorphOS (06. Sep.)
MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 4.0 (30. Aug.)
USB stick/keychains in Amiga-1200 and A500 look (29. Aug.)
Accelerator board: More information on replacement project of Buffee developers (28. Aug.)
ACube Systems: Production of Sam460LE boards finished by the end of September (10. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4.1: Enhancer Software 2.2 (09. Aug.)
MorphOS: TinyGL update V2202-08-05 (06. Aug.)
AmigaOS 4: M.A.C.E. Tower Defense (05. Aug.)
Trevor's Amiga Blog: Start of production for 'A1222 Plus' board not set (25. Jul.)
Amega 32: use Mega Drive gamepads on Amiga and CD32 (18. Jul.)
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