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15.08.20 • Interface XXVII • Kiel (Germany)
24.-25.10.20 • AmiWest • Sacramento (USA)
26.-27.06.21 • Amiga 35 • Hilversum/Amsterdam (Niederlande)

 Friday, 25. Jan. 2002Comments / Date
New Total Amiga Website0
SUBWAY / HIGHWAY poll results0
Important information regarding HSMathLibs and stormamiga.lib0
Poll at computer-security.de0
Workbench: Scalos Version 40.190
Version 3.1 of the text viewer "Next" released0
EZP@gerNG V2.0 released0
 Thursday, 24. Jan. 2002 
GUI: ControlTV for TV card drivers on the Elbox Multimedia-CD0
AmigaKult: New layout almost finished0
AmiDog: Bugfix for AMP movie player beta version 0201180
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 23.01.2002)0
Tool: Report+ Version 5.220
Heise: Linux games developer Loki appears to give up0
Music: DigiboosterPro Community organizing a Mod-Compo0
H&P: Euro-Update for AmigaOS 3.90
HD-Installer: JST with new loaders for WHDLoad0 Searching machine and web-index for games developers0
SPIEGEL: Wearable computers0
Game: RekoNet arrives at 1,000 card sets0
Cinemaware: "It came from the desert" and "Antheads" for downlaod0
Filesystem: SmartFilesystem 1.1940
Graphic fractale: FlashMandelWOS Version 1.60
GFX-BASE: New tutorial0
 Wednesday, 23. Jan. 2002 
Amiga Arena: Special price for GeoWorld0
Amiga Inc.: Executive Update0
Vote about deletion of de.comp.sys.amiga.unix running0
amiga-topcool: Interview with Hans Jörg Frieden0
Amigaland: New game and "Fußball Total" fixed0
Event: Invitation to SIIA 2002 in France0
Heise: Motorola with deficit of a billion (Update)0
Metabox sells Beta-Boxen, Metabox 1000 to developer0
 Tuesday, 22. Jan. 2002 
Financial software: Bugfix for Bonds V1.850
Logfile of the Chats with Salvador Fernandez Gomez of bplan0
e.p.i.c.: News about Feeble Files for Amiga 68k and PPC0
Audio: New audioprocessing program "Samplemanager"0
 Monday, 21. Jan. 2002 
Music: New song on Amiforce0
Hyperion: Presse Release Amiga OS 4.0 development update324. Jan. 07:53
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 20.01.2002)0
BusinessWeek: Apple Special0
Screenshots of Quake 2 for Amiga0
 Sunday, 20. Jan. 2002 
Audio: WaveTracer DS now Freeware0
AUG99: Present your Computers0
dynAMIte: New Style - Enlightenment, Update of Polish Catalogue0
AmigaOS: Kickstart-Guide0
Games: New Design of "Amiga Online Games"-Website0
USB: SUBWAY - Z4-Board needed for testing0
Audio Remake Tool: "Amplify" V1.10
Amiga Arena: Interview with Timo Kloss ("Inga")0
 Saturday, 19. Jan. 2002 
Amiga Emulator: UAE Beta2 for MacOS X0
AmiDog: AMP Movieplayer Beta Version 0201180
Golem: Microsoft puts Windows development temporarily on hold0
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