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3-4.12.22 • World of Commodore • Toronto (Kanada)
27.-30.12.22 • Zenta-Demoparty • Bingen am Rhein (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Gro▀ensee (Germany)

 Wednesday, 12. Feb. 2003Comments / Date
heise: Motorola introduces PowerPC-processors MPC7457/470
Game: FlagSweeper v0.5b0
Hidden Messages of the GFX-ZONE Gallery revealed0
Aminet Uploads until 12.02.20030
News from Paul Burkey's "Sneech"314. Feb. 02:54
ExoticA: Updates at all levels0
Debian joines Desktop Linux Consortium0
New SAP player released0
USB: New HCD for Thylacine0
Ignaz Kellerer passed away0
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 11.02.2003)0
Mai Logic Inc. earns "Ready for IBM Technology" Validation0
DCR8520 Amiga Ports: Updates from 08.02.20030
Amiga Future: User Workbench gallery extended0
e.p.i.c.: Puzzle game BoXiKoN finished for MorphOS0
Sequencer: BarsnPipes V1.190
Get your Amiga "Boing" water tank!0
Video: Trailer about ARC2002 video from Virtual Dimension0
 Tuesday, 11. Feb. 2003 
Multimedia-Authoring-System: Hollywood Version 1.5 - Statusreport125. Apr. 13:26
TV-cards Software: AmithlonTV Beta 262 with OpenPCI Support0
Workbench: Scalos Beta-Archiv Version 40.270
Elbox: Spider gathers USB 2.0 High-Speed0
Magazine: Obligement N░370
TV-Karten Software: AmithlonTV Beta 2590
 Monday, 10. Feb. 2003 
individual Computers: New drivers, higher shipping costs0
Results of the AGHP Amiga Games Awards 20020
OpenPCI-1.0 and rtl8139-network-driver released0
Font: TTEngine Version 6.20
TV-board software: AmithlonTV Beta 2540
Amiga freeCD: Racing Weekend0
Aminet Uploads until 09.02.20030
New Freeware puzzle game: AlyBox0
 Sunday, 09. Feb. 2003 
Divinorum & Aural Planet CDs close to publication0
Demo scene: Awards 20020
Scene: Shakwave Web site completely reworked0
Scene: New music by Moods published0
Soft3 Hardware: Photo of AOne-Dual G4 Module0
Descent Freespace: MultiplayerPack02 released0
Amithlon and Adaptec 191600
AmiChess: New version with increased playing strength0
 Saturday, 08. Feb. 2003 
Amiga Arena: interview with Michael Lanser (Realms of Power)0
Benchmark: AmigaMARK LPA 2003 v0.922 full-release0
Scene: website version 1.2.4 of the mag Jurassic Pack online0
TOTAL AMIGA Magazine: Issue 14 coming soon - to a post box near you0
AmiBench online again0
Interview with Petra Struck ( online0
 Friday, 07. Feb. 2003 
Installer: WHDLoad - New packets (until 07.02.2003)0
Image Editing: SView5 Carnival Discount0
Aminet Uploads until 07.02.20030
Golem: Opera-browser gets wrong data of msn.com0
Golem: Good Old Adventures - Guybrush Threepwood meets Larry Laffer0
TV-card software: AmithlonTV Beta 253 with new TV-cards supported0
ReDesign of CD│▓/CDTV-Corner planned - Help needed0
A.C.T. with new website0
Inofficial MorphOS-Patch for IBrowse 2.30
Advertisement: AmiBench closes website0
Mail program: YAM 2.4-dev [060] from 06.02.20030
 Thursday, 06. Feb. 2003 New Glossary0
TV Card Software: AmithlonTV Beta 2520
Manager Magazine: Will UMTS Flop?0
Filesharing: DirectConnect Client for AmigaOS0
Golem: Hewlett-Packard Decides Against Package Fee on PCs0
Golem: GNOME 2.2 - New Version of Linux Desktop Appears0
DCR8520 Amiga Ports: Updates from 04.02.2003 (Update)0 Interview with Richard L÷wenstein (PC Joker)0
OS4 Team seeking Translators0
Thomas Richter in c.s.a.p.: Further Developers Needed0
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