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Sven Dröge (ANF)

Stock exchange software: proBonds V2.30
Sven Dröge's stock exchange program proBonds (Screenshot) is now available as version 2.30. Among other things the compatibility with AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS was increased, although the latest prerelease-update of AmigaOS 4 makes its contribution to the improved ability.

Detailed information of the changes can be found in the changelog proBonds_Info included in the program archive

Overview of the most important new features:
  • Support of further languages, a test version of the English catalogue file is included; the language is automatically adapted to the system language at the program's start and cannot be changed manually in its current condition
  • Improved compatibility with MorphOS and AmigaOS 4
  • Small changes of the user interface
  • Redesign of the import manager
(snx) (Translation: ts)

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