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3-4.12.22 • World of Commodore • Toronto (Kanada)
27.-30.12.22 • Zenta-Demoparty • Bingen am Rhein (Germany)
10.-12.02.23 • AmigaWinterTreffen • Großensee (Germany)

 Thursday, 02. Dec. 1999Comments / Date
Payback News0
FastATA / Power Flyer driver0
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX: Online registrations cheaper0
WBInfo 3.0?!0
Holger Kruse goes REBOL0
More informations about Sonnet QuadDoubler0
Immortal CD can be preordered0
InfraBox Infrared hardware module available for Amiga0
The Winner is...0
 Wednesday, 01. Dec. 1999 
Modify Logitech mouse for Amiga mouseport0
AmigaNation server breakdown0
H&P awaits visitor 500.0000
LinuxPPC5 Installer available0
CheckHTML 1.60
StrICQ beta version 0.1578 available0
Update: ClassAct GUI module for Miami0
Ottawa Citizen: Tech pioneer is Business Person of the Year0
3rd SecOS report by Trogladite Software0
Voyager #1, IBrowse #2, AWeb #3 at Deja.com0
The Last Patriot website reworked0
Frogger version 1.45 released0
Turboprint 7.09beta with new drivers for BJC6000 and BJC71000
Soundprobe for Amiga0
WarpUP mailinglist0
PPC World pages reworked0
PNG and Amiga0
Many requests for Melody-Z20
New Shogo report0
Aminet Uploads until December 1st, 19990
TWF News0
 Monday, 29. Nov. 1999 
Aminet Uploads until November 29th, 19990
Olliweb News0
CGX V4 page updated0
ProStatioAudio version 2.50 released0
New information area at Campaign to Open Source AmigaOS0
Storm MP3 player for Amiga0
Wipeout 2097 Troubleshooting0
Emulation: new versions of DarcNES/Amiga and GBE released0
AmigaAMP News0
FlexCat 2.4 released0
DirectDos homepage has moved0
SGMLS 1.1.92 parser on Aminet0
New modules for Image Engineer0
TUP version 1.4 available0
Eternity News0
VersionWB 2.11 available0 version 2.9 available0
Goal 2000 available0
Installer v3.1, v3.5, ...NG, New... (get a script first!)0
GoldED Service Pack 14 available0
Video from HEW '990
NOViA INS - new BBS system, v0.74 alpha0
StrICQ version 0.1573 available0
 Friday, 26. Nov. 1999 
NewInstaller v1.4 news0
PC-Welt: EU: Internet much too expensive0
IT-Nachrichten: Cookies illegal?0
Int2 Patch site for A3000T updated0
Heretic II (beta) - test by Steffen Häuser0
Comeback of Melody-Z20
AmigActive . Mailinglist0
 Thursday, 25. Nov. 1999 
Alive Mediasoft - new products and updates0
Aminet Uploads until November 25th, 19990
 Wednesday, 24. Nov. 1999 
Soundprobe: Good news, bad news0
New FAQ about AmigaOS and DSL/cable service0
CGX V4 driver for Atéo Pixel 640
AmigActive accepts credit card payment0
New CD "eXtra Life: The Best of Games"0
24bit sound in a few weeks0
REBOL - new user guide0
REBOL module for Apache0
Satanic Dreams Software continues ScalOS development0
Individual Computers giving away a X-Surf network card on amiga-news.de0
 Tuesday, 23. Nov. 1999 
Centsible Software bought out Paxtron Inc.0
Catwasel: new multidisk.device0
Aminet Uploads until November 23rd, 1999 - Part 20
Aminet Uploads until November 23rd, 1999 - Part 10
New ak-Datatype versions0
CUCUG Status Register0
Simon the Sorcerer 2 ported to Amiga0
Doubling speed with A3640 processor?0
PFS 3.3 Upgrade Version 3.5153 available0
Foundation Update 1.26 available0
GoldED X-Mas Special0
Rave3D pages updated0
Waves Of The Future PlugIn updated0
Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb #9911200
Emulator News0
Light Force News0
Support for Twister1200 (DCE)0
Frogger version 1.44 released0
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Point'n Click adventure: NEONnoir (01. Nov.)
Turn based strategy: playable preview for "Settle the World" (update) (01. Nov.)
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