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Michael Pfeiffer (User EMail)

VWP: Virtual News
Michael Pfeiffer writes:
Temporary result: AmigaNG survey
The survey on the subject AmigaNG has a temporary result. The new Amiga might - at least among the users already possessing an Amiga - become a full success. Over 64% of all users want to buy the new powerhorse directly when available or within 3 months. Those who have probably been set back by the Linux announcement and do no longer want to own an Amiga are a minority of under 5%. The survey, which gives important information to VWP for their future software development, is continuing (link above).

New: Browser hit list
The VWP homepage now collects statistical data on the browsers used. This statistic is different from others in that it recognizes browsers spoofing as Mozilla (like AWeb, Voyager and MSIE). So, there is a hitlist available offering a real insight in market shares and usage of browsers in the Amiga szene. This hitlist can be found at the link above, under "statistics".

New: WaveTracer DS & AudioForum
The VWP homepage now offers a special forum for the WaveTracer DS and related Audio questions. Here, you can state questions, post hints, give tips and state your POV. This forum should prove being a quick help with problems related to WaveTracer. (ps) (Translation: unk)

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