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Foundation News
Two Foundation products have been announced for this year. First there'll be "Foundation: Directors Cut" which is a re-release of the original Foundation, containing version 1.25, supporting graphics cards, gouraud shading and more special effects. Regarding the very low price (14.99) of the re-release this is the chance for everyone who "forgot" to buy this game 'til now.
The second one will be "Foundation Edge", which is Foundation, completely rewritten in portable C++ (which could mean a PPC version of Foundation) and a totally different interface. The Foundation's Edge Homepage is already online. More information will be available there by the end of the week.
Update News:
In the next days a new update will be released. Paul Burkey is working on version 1.25, which will be included on the CD "Foundation: Directors Cut". The support for Foundation and FoundationDC will be continued.

Paul Burkey answered to an eMail:

>I read with much pleasure, that the development of
> Foundation will go ahead :-). And I am just curios
> for the new Foundation's Edge and I will certainly
> buy it.

Great! You will certainly not have to wait quite so long for this new game to arive! You'll be playing it for christmas!

> One thing is not clear for me: Have I to buy the
> promised updated or is it free for owners of the
> Foundation-CD? Please answer asap, because I want
> to explain it in the german Amiga News.

The re-release CD, "Foundation: Directors Cut" will be released as soon as possible. I'm currently compiling the CD myself. It will contain the original game but with the next update (V1.25) already installed. If you already have the original Foundation CD then you can download the update from the Foundation Homepage or possibly find it on a PD disk or cover of a Magazine. However the price of "Foundation: Directors Cut" will be much cheaper than the original Foundation (Probably 50 DM) so for anyone who doesn`t yet have Foundation, this is an ideal chance to get it.
Foundation's Edge will be a whole new game. More details of both products will be made available in the next week. Also, you might like to know that Foundation is now published by Epic Marketing (Islona). This will be announced in the next few days but you are free to publish that information if you wish.
(ps) (Translation: unk)

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