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Marc Albrecht by eMail

A.C.T. new address
Finally, A.C.T. has completed its move and is from now on available at the following address only:
Albrecht Computer Technik
Glinder Str. 2
27432 Ebersdorf
Phone Hotlines:
Amiga and Web Service: 0700-ACT-AMIGA (numerical: 0700-228-26442)
Apple/Be/QNX: 0700-ACT-PHONE (numerically: 0700-228-74663)
(Presumably available starting September 10th, 1999)
Office: +49-(0)-4765-8300-60
Fax: +49-(0)-4765-8300-64
Note: The old phone numbers will be redirected for some more weeks.
EMail: and WWW offers: (ps) (Translation: unk)

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