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Andy Mueller-Maguhn by eMail

CCC Press Release about MS Crypto API Backdoor
Press Information from Chaos Computer Club
Microsoft Operating Systems with builtin Backdoor:
Secure cryptography with Windows jeopardized
By detailed research with the WindowsNT operating system by an American Security Software developer, a massive software backdoor could be revealed in the operating systems Windows95, 98, NT and Windows 2000 (beta), which is likely dating back to an initiative by the US secret service NSA. This has a heavy impact on Microsoft's operating systems security.
After the initiatives of the American secret service NSA (National Security Agency) for worldwide communications control by means of internationally standarised regulation of encryption have suffered severe setbacks, now obviously it is attempted to reach the same goals by implementing backdoors in the American software products dominating the market. (Rest of the press release at the title link.)

I consider it a shame how US NSA (and German authorities, too!) violate the most basic civil rights "for the greater good". Even worse, they get away with spying on your eMail, your phone, your whatever, because they "are the good ones"... yeah, sure. (mb) (ps) (Translation: unk)

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