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REBOL/core 2.1.2 released
Rebol has released version 2.1.2 of the REBOL Internet Messaging Language. The language is meanwhile available for 35 platforms.

Changes since version 2.1.1:
  • header expanded by needs-field
  • bugfix: delete to trap-error when opening a directory
  • bugfix: MIME version in system/standard/email corrected
  • bugfix: arguments to objects and functions now retain upper/lowercase
  • bugfix: system/console/tab-size
  • bugfix: find now works on ports
  • bugfix: copy now works on ports even when not copying to start of port
  • bugfix: problems with multiplication of money values
  • on reading an empty file, an empty string is now returned.
(ps) (Translation: unk)

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