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Sinan Gürkan by eMail

Zune - Open Source Reimplementation of MUI
Zune is a project to reimplement Stefan Stuntz' MUI as Open Source. To achieve this, the project makes use of the API and the freely redistributable includes of the MUI SDK only. The project is based on the LPGL.
Currently Zune is developed under Linux. It is however planned to be portable to other Unixes and, if possible, more or less easily portable for Windows and BeOS.
The project is 20% finished. This includes a good dozen key classes like Notify, Window, Group, Area, Text, Image and the dynamic loading of classes as well as other features.
The current source code can be downloaded as tgz archive from the homepage. On this page, you can find some screenshots of the GUI system.
A mailinglist is available from EGroups. Non-members have access to the archive, too. The list can be subscribed by sending an empty eMail to or with the form on the bottom of the homepage.
A CVS repository is planned, all participation is warmy welcomed. (ps)

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