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Spielel [Netzwelt]

Is the Microsoft Console coming?
Spiegel Netzwelt writes:
According to rumors, Microsoft is currently working on its own game console, which is reported to be similar powerful than Sonys announced PlayStation 2.
The software company Microsoft is reportedly working on a game console code-named "X-Box". The TV expansion is meant mainly for games, but could have other functionality, too, reported US game magazine Next Generation in its October issue, citing unnamed sources.
According to this article, the console will either run on a 500 MHz chip by Intel or an Athlon chip by AMD, with gfx technology provided by nVidia. As operating system, a modified version of Microsoft's Portable-System Windows CE will be employed. With this setup, the Microsoft console might be comparable in performance to Sonys announced Playstation 2, the article sais. As manufacturer for the Microsoft-designed console, Dell and Gateway might be possible partners. (Full article - German - at the title link).
More links on the subject:
CNet: Microsoft, Intel reportedly developing video game console (ps)

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