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AudioLabs by eMail

Press Release by AudioLabs: NL-editing system for Amiga and DraCo
From:      AudioLabs
To:        Petra Struck
Date:      Thu, 09 Sep 1999 16:43:10 +0100
Subject:   Press Release

Press Release

DATE:       09-Sep-99
TOPIC:      NL-editing system for Amiga and DraCo

AudioLabs ( is proud to announce ProStationAudio,
the ultimate NL-editing software for AmigaOS-based systems.

Featuring   timeline  visual   editing,  region-based  audio  management,
realtime  DSP effects,  faders automation, studio-quality digital mixing,
ProStationAudio  is  the  largest  audio  project in development for the

ProStationAudio v2 Demo is available for downloading at the AudioLabs web
sites. North America residents can take advantage of the local web server
at for faster downloads.


- Import/export audio from/to any platform. Exchange audio files with
  industry standard platforms including Windows, MacOS, Unix or
  dedicated hardware (DraCo, NewTek Toaster/Flyer, AD516/Studio16).

- Internet friendly: MPEG layer 1, 2 and 3 (the popular MP3) import,
  Java ulaw import/export. Import multiple MP3 files, overlap them
  on the timeline to create automatic crossfades, add realtime effects
  such as EQ and stereo field expansion, then master to CDDA, all with

- Hard-disk based non linear editing. Work with audio recordings up to
  2GB each, regardless the amount of RAM memory installed. Disk streaming.
  Instant random access to any location.

- Non destructive editing. Trim, cut, fade, crossfade audio recordings
  without affecting the original takes. Instantaneous operations
  regardless the file size.

- Region-based editing. Any fragment of audio is accessible from an
  alpha-sorted list, managed by the application. Any fragment generated
  by cutting, bouncing, recording, gets automatically named and sorted.
  Let ProStationAudio take care of your most complex projects.

- Visual approach. Build your projects managing visual audio blocks.
  Examine on-screen waveforms to create perfect edits. Each block can
  be distorted manually to create fades and trim its boundaries. Blocks
  can be dropped over blocks to create crossfades (or to have them
  automatically align in various ways). Multilayer graphics: objects,
  waveforms, fades/xfades, automation.

- Extensive set of tools for positioning and aligning objects, ranges
  and the cursor. Accurate spotting to SMPTE locations, at sub-frame
  resolution. Tools for DJs such as shifting and scaling ranges. The
  intelligent Magic Wand tool lets you create perfect loops in a
  fraction of a second, automatically.

- Automotion (tm), the automation engine. Create the perfect mix while
  letting the software remember all of your moves. Automation tracks
  can be graphically edited in the timeline window or recorded in
  realtime by grabbing the faders during playback.

- Realtime design. Operate on faders, pans, effects parameters, even
  the virtual tape speed, always in realtime, to tune up your mix on
  the fly or create dynamics effects. These dynamic effects can
  optionally be recorded to disk, again in realtime, while playing.

- Advanced auditioning. Fast-forward and slow-motion during playback.
  Realtime time stretching. The auditioning signal can be digitally
  recorded to disk in realtime.

- ALPS architecture for audio DSP plugins: unlimited expansion
  possibilities. Multiple DSP inserts allow to apply different DSP
  effects to each track, in realtime. Multiple master DSP inserts
  (post-fader processing).

- ALPS plugins: freely accessible modules for realtime DSP operations.
  Downloadable from the web site. Include dynamic compression,
  several EQ modules, spatial processing, ducking, delays, ...

- Hi-end hardware support: ProStationAudio takes advantage of 1 or 2
  CPUs, 1 or 2 video monitors, 1 or 2 graphic cards.  Add value to
  your hardware investments.

- Hi-quality graphic interface, scalable, font-sensitive, supporting
  up to 1600x1280 on two different monitors. Shaded look, includes
  gadgetry (pots, switches,...) scanned from real gear. Supports also
  a dual screen display on a single monitor.


- sampling system:         16bit linear
- sampling rates:          48/44.1/32 KHz
- processing resolution:   from 24bit to 64bit
- audio tracks (disk):     16
- audio tracks (console):  16
- automation tracks:       80: 5 automated controllers x 16 tracks
- DSP channel inserts:     48 stereo: 96 channels processed
- DSP master inserts:      3 stereo (post-fader)
- automated faders:        16
- automated pans:          16
- automated inserts:       48
- faders groups:           8
- time metrics:            24, 25, 29.97, 30, 75, 100 FPS
- time resolution (audio): 1/100th frame
- time resolution (automation):  1/10th second
- objects per track:       unlimited
- audio regions:           unlimited
- audio sub-region levels: unlimited
- maximum editing size:    120 minutes
- locator markers:         10
- range store/recall slots:10
- display snapshot slots:  10
- display resolution:      up to 1600 x 1280
- video monitors:          1 or 2
- CPUs supported:          1 (680x0) or 2 (680x0 + PowerPC60x)
- CPU models:              68040, 68060, PowerPC 603, PowerPC 604
- Realime effects:         ALPS, software plugins system
- EQ (parametric, 1 band):  [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Q] [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (parametric, 2 bands): [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Q]  [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (shelf, 2 bands):      [2.5Hz : 20000Hz] [-+12dB]
                          [0.05 : 1.00 Slope] [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (band / notch):        [2.5Hz : 20000Hz]
                          [1/12th octave steps]
- EQ (lowpass / hipass):    [2.5Hz : 20000Hz]
                          [1/12th octave steps]
- Audio import:           MPEG Layer1/2/3, AIFF, WAVE, CDDA Intel and
                          Motorola, FlyerClips, Studio16, MAUD, Maestro,
                          SoundDesignerI, IFF, Sun/Next, Voc
- Audio export:           AIFF, WAVE, CDDA Intel and Motorola,
                          FlyerClips, Studio16,MAUD,
                          Maestro,IFF,Sun/Next, Voc


ProStationAudio is US$395. The software can be ordered only via Internet,
directly to AudioLabs. Local orders and payments are possible in US and
Canada, these orders are passed to AudioLabs by local representatives.

Crossgrade price for registered AudioLab16 users, US$245.

The AudioLabs www sites are located here: (european server) (US server)


ProStationAudio (tm), ALPS (tm), AutoMotion (tm), AudioLab16 (tm) are
trademarks of AudioLabs.

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