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Volker Mohr by eMail

new Project: IMP - Amiga as Open Source
Volker Mohr writes:
Some days ago, when Jim Collas (was made) left, I suggested to find a sollution saving the Amiga plattform as Open Source, even if the people at Gateway have different opinions of the future, or worse still, none at all.
My original suggestion was using CHRP as hardware basis for new computers, simply because being independant from a single manufacturer of hardware. As OS, a specially modified and expanded version of an Open Source OS (Linux or a BSD) could be employed.
Aside from criticism, I recieved much more support, have been contacted and mailed if I mean it seriously and how it could be done.
A team has slowly emerged, which started a project with the preliminary title "Project IMP" (Independent Multimedia Platform). First ideas and plans have been collected by me in recent days, and released at the title link.
If you want to participate, have own ideas etc. please contact me. Since we only have a chance if we make it public, I decided to to so after talking to two other team members. I think it's about time to take our favourite computer's fate into our own hands, and save what can be saved :-(

AROS, KOSH, AQUA, IMP, what's coming next? One of these projects could have been finished already if people weren't bickering about which project to join... :-( (mb) (ps) (Translation: unk)

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