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Marc Albrecht by eMail

Today, I phoned Marc Albrecht and asked for clarification about the idea behind the founding of the Consortium. He kindly summarised his thoughts and suggestions for us as follows:

Phoenix is not a miracle cure. The market power destroyed by Amiga Inc. in years gone by cannot be reestablished by Phoenix in any short time.
But the assembly of developers and marketing people under the "Phoenix" banner has a clear goal as well as hard results to offer - other than Amiga Inc, which jumped from one virtual goal to another.

a) Phoenix will create a system that integrates the "Classic" Amiga from the start. There will be a viable path to new platforms, the "compatibility" for existing hardware is not implemented afterwards, but is the seed.
b) Phoenix will create a system which will be portable from the start thanks to the Neutrino core. So, PPC platforms can be served as well as Intel platforms. A wedding with some MCC is not necessary - but possible nevertheless.
c) After just some days of official existence, Phoenix has already gathered all important Amiga application developers as well as some leading hardware developers. This way, there is know-how of the "Amiga Spirit" (whatever that may be) that can hardly be surpassed. If there is talk about an Amiga rebirth, it is by people who shaped today's Amiga - not managers that have to do reading about the matter.
d) Phoenix is home for enough high-ranking software developers to make real applications available on a completely new system in a meaningful timespan. By embracing the "Classic", the number of applications can and will be maximised.
e) Phoenix is no weird idea with all components yet to be developed - since the basic components like QNX (Neutrino), Rebol and others already exist, and are successful. This is not describing fantasy but reality.
f) Phoenix already made contact to leading hard- and software manufacturers to present results in the shortest possible time. The names of companies involved are not "top secret" like elsewhere, but can be fount in the supporters list.

I am a very sceptical man myself, and usually wouldn't have my name added to the Consortium. The following points convinced me to put energy in this project:
  • no wedding with some limited platform (like Amiga Classic), but using the existing, expanding, and promising kernel from QNX
  • I prefer a real-time system from one manufacturer over the compilation of thousands of developers worldwide
  • extremly tight schedules for realization of results (announcements are made true in weeks, not years)
  • no fantasy products, but using existing technology like QNX, Rebol, probably ARTAS
  • realistic plans "behind the scenes", means: real plans building upon Phoenix' results

Please understand I am unable to answer private mail on this topic - reasons for this are solely due to schedules, I have too many projects running to write mails right now. (ps) (Translation: unk)

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