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Aminet uploads 30.12.1999
mpprosp.lha          comm/bbs    35K+V1.7 - File_ID.DIZ creator for Mods - ph
p_hc183.lha          comm/bbs    31K+V1.8.3 - Uploadchecker for PMBS - Update
GoFetch.lha          comm/net   331K+V1.0 Specialised FTP/HTTP Client designe
samba_2.0.6.lha      comm/tcp   3.1M+Port of the free SMB client and server
js_umsrfc.lha        comm/ums    21K+Umsrfc update (1.2)
MCD_DirList.lha      disk/cdrom  15K+Generates file lists for MakeCD
Pranger.lha          game/misc  106K+Cheap 1ply game- get 2 ships to collide
Zubspace-Psyco.mpg   mods/mpg   581K+Rno-label release no.19 by zubspace (psy
gothbench3.lha       pix/back   1.2M+Darker than ever.
mr_WBench.lha        pix/wb     862K+Workbench For Every Day
picsize.lha          util/dtype  15K+Shows picture dimensions using datatypes
calculator.lha       util/misc   14K+Fully functional calculator
TweakWB14.lha        util/wb     97K+Great WB 3.5 commodity, icon converter, 
yStart.lha           util/wb     17K+Start menu for standard WB icons
(ps) (Translation: unk)

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