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A wondeful last message of the year :-)
Amino Development Buys Amiga Name, Inventory from Gateway (

More links:
Fleecy Moss in c.s.a.m: Welcome to tomorrow
CNN: Gateway sells Amiga line
Yahoo: Gateway Sells Rights to Amiga Name
CNet: Gateway unloads Amiga name
The Register: Gateway sells Amiga to ex-Amiga employee
Slashdot: Gateway Sells Rights to Amiga Name

Bill McEwen speaks at
Happy New Year to all Amigans around the world.
Today Gateway announced that we have acquired Amiga. This is all true, and we are going to be making numerous announcements in the next week about the plans for the future systems, and it is all going to be very exciting. There is a very bright future for us, and now we can begin the journey. Welcome 2000! - Bill McEwen

I now recommend one thing: go back and have a look at the last two caricatures by Torsten Dudai (Once upon a time...). Either all these heads agree on a common goal, and cooperate; or this Hydra will be going nowhere. If I see things correctly, there are two heads considerably stronger than the rest - QNX and Amino. If THEY agree on things, the next few days will tell. But the people behind PowerOS, MorphOS, Screens, and AROS should have a close look at what is going on, and think twice about how they can serve the cause best. (mb) (unk) (Translation: mb)

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