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Felix Schwarz via eMail

Innovative brings Digita(TM)-Power to the AMIGA!
Innovative has developed a driver for digital cameras, which are running with the Digital(TM) Operating Environment. "Digita(TM)-enabled" digital cameras show a much higher performance than everything else on the market, this times. Not only that Digita(TM) is used with cameras from several manufacturers, but also these cameras are running with Coldfire- or PowerPC CPUs and make it possible to run scripts, programms, and games (incl. MAME!!) - what makes theses cameras particular interesting. The producer of Digita(TM), Flashpoint(TM), has set his target to make Digita(TM) the standard for digital cameras and therefor bets on a standardised communikation protokoll between computer and camera. With the VHI driver now available even Amiga users get access to these faszinating cameras, at last, and can download taken pictures in a comfortable way and edit them. The following "Digita(TM)-enabled" digital cameras are currently available:
  • Kodak DC 220, DC 260, DC 265, DC 290
  • Minolta Dimage 1500 EX, Dimage 1500 3D
  • HP PhotoSmart C500, C619, C912
  • Pentax EI-200, EI-2000

P.S.: Digita(TM) has in this case nothing to do with the developers of Wordworth, but is a productname for a product from Flashpoint(TM). (unk) (Translation: unk)

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