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HArald Frank on ANF

VMC's Technical Library is Online
Harald Frank wrote:
Since today our hardware dictionnary is online at last, where every in our products technical interested user or programmer may find everything what is needed to write drivers for Linux, NetBSD or other operating systems which exist for Amiga.

Should there be a lack of important information or you have some ideas and suggestions concerning these sites, then please write an email to

If you know a Linux or NetBSD programmer who is capable of porting drivers to one of these systems or, even better, has already written successfully own drivers, then inform him kindly about our new dictionnary pages with the request for a port of the missing drivers. We'll give as much technical help as is possible to everybody who wants to do this.

I think, with your support we'll be able to point all waiting users to new drivers for Linux and NetBSD.

This leads you to the Technical Library.

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