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Ignatios Souvatzis on ANF

NetBSD-1.5 BETA Amiga test version
NetBSD is a free, easily portable UNIX-alike operating system, which, aside from many other platforms, also exists in an Amiga version.

A new test version of NetBSD-1.5 for 68k Amigas is available at the FTP server in the directory /pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-1.5_BETA/amiga.

Minimum requirements:
  • CPU: M68020 + MMU M68851, optionally FPU M68881/2, or
  • CPU: M68030, optionally FPU M68881/2, or
  • CPU: M68040 or M68060
  • RAM: 8 MB Fastmem (A3000/A4000: not Zorro II)
  • a M68LC040 or M68040V-CPU might possibly work too, but this has not been tested yet
  • M68000, M68010, M68EC030 CPUs do not suffice
  • further requirements (drive controllers etc.) are described in the relevant locations in the installation documentation

WARNING: 1.5 requires a major reinstallation. Moreover, 1.5_BETA is a test version. If you need bugfixes and a minimum downtime, you should install NetBSD-1.4.3 when it becomes available.

Test reports, in English where possible, should be send to the mailinglist Instructions for subscribing to this mailinglist can be requested from

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