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Ignatios Souvatzis on ANF

NetBSD-1.4.3 Released
The NetBSD-project announced the release of NetBSD-1.4.3. This release fixes problems known from former versions, increases stability and adds support for additional hardware.

NetBSD-1.4.3 is a patch release of the NetBSD-1.4-branch. The new 1.5-branch will be released as a main release soon. The 1.4 release contains some new features imported from the NetBSD-development branch:
  • Support for Lucent Wavelan (Orinoco) IEEE 802.11 radio-ethernet-card.
  • A potential "CPU-Hog"-problem concerning big input-output operations were fixed. Look at SA #2000-005.
  • The danger of a denial-of-service-attack were removed. Look at SA #2000-004
  • A problem with /etc/ftpchroot were fixed. Look at SA #2000-006.
  • A problem with the reserving of semaphor-resources were fixed. Look at SA #2000-006.
  • The DHCP-software were updated (ISC 2.0pl3).

Many more bugs were fixed - altogether about 70 problems.

A complete list of the changes from NetBSD-1.4.2 to -1.4.3 is available at: CHANGES-1.4.3. Please read the INSTALL-guide for your system; there you can find out more about the supported hardware, installation, and known problems with this release.

Further informations are available at:

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