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Ignatios Souvatzis on ANF

NetBSD 1.5 is here!
After some weeks ago, the last patch release of the NetBSD 1.4 branch has been released with NetBSD 1.4.3, some days ago NetBSD 1.5 has also been released.

NetBSD is a complete open source operating system and is shipped with system administration and user tools, as well as the X window system. New in 1.5: IP version 6, IPsec, integrated OpenSSL, -SSH and Kerberos.

New for the Amiga architecture and hardware are: improved FPU emulation for Amigas without FPU, support for media with large sectors for ADOSFS (reading) and for Linux partitions, SVR4 (AMIX) emulation; drivers for parallel ports on HyperCOM 3+/4+; a first version of the PCMCIA support; the IDE support can use the NetBSD code instead of the Amiga-specific solution if the user wishes (and will be converted in future to this option).

Support for ISDN is available for Master, MasterII, Blaster with the isdn4bsd packet, and in preparation for ISDN surfer.

System requirements: 8 MB fast mem; 68020+68851 with/without FPU, 68030 with/without FPU, 68040, 68060, Phase5 PowerPC+68k boards in 68k mode (but with SCSI host driver!). First attempts at a PPC support are available as source.

You can find more information and suppliers at the title link.

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