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Rafal Kwasny on ANF

New 16 Bit Amiga Sound Card under Development
A new 16 bit sound card called 'Martina' for the Amiga is under development.

  • 1x stereo out 16bit, max 96kHz
  • 2x stereo in 16bit, max 96kHz (sampler)
  • expansion port for MPEG modules (MP3 layer decoding, MPEG-1 for clock port version)
  • no pass through (card is blocking clock port)
  • AHI drivers, audio.device overtake function, MPEG decoder handling possible in the future by mpga.library,
  • mixing audio from Paula and CD-ROM devices
  • 24bit, MPEG-2 ROM-mounted version (for BVision and FastAta users), compatible with a4000 (a3000 possible)

More information and a screenshot of the prototype are to find at the title link. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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