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Richard H. Poser II via eMail

AmigAIM BETA version 0.9406 released
A new beta version 0.9406 of AmigaAIM, the client for Amiga to participate in the AOL Instant Messenger Service, was released. It's available for download at the usual places.

Extract from History of AmigAIM since Public Release...

AmigAIM 0.9406 Beta (28 Dec 2000)
  • Fixed problem with ARexx command "login", was supposed to use last logged in name if user is not specified. Now acts as originally planned.
  • Added Notes section for each buddy for user to keep private data about buddies, accessed via Contextmenu (Edit Notes) in "Online" as well as Chat Menu in Chat Window.

Download: AmigaAIM_BETA.lha (unk) (Translation: unk)

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